Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
Gautam Gupta

Another unpleasant news for Uber, as company head of finance Gautam Gupta, will be leaving in July. After leaving, he would be joining a startup based in San Franciso. The name of the startup, he is going to join has not yet been revealed. It has been a rough year for Uber as besides Gautam Gupta, dozens of top executives have left Uber since February.

“Over the last four years, Gupta has been indispensable in helping build Uber from an idea into a business it is today”, said the chief executive and founder of Uber. He also said that his energy and enthusiasm is unmatchable. Gautam’s financial talent has helped the company, to narrow its losses. During the first three months of this year, the company has recorded a loss of $708 million while in the preceding quarter loss equals $991 million. This was a consequence of focusing more towards culture, management, and relationship with drivers said another company spokesperson.

Now, Uber is searching for another personality like Gautam Gupta who can overtake his position and lead the company towards the brighter future.

By Bharat