Verizon collaborates with Airtel to launch BlueJeans in India to take on Zoom, Jiomeet

Verizon and Airtel

On Tuesday, Bharti Airtel declared that it has collaborated with Verizon to originate BlueJeans video-conferencing service in India to serve business customers in the world’s second-largest internet market.

The video conferencing assistance, branded as Airtel BlueJeans in India, offers “enterprise-grade security” which comprises encrypted calls, experience to lock and password protect a meeting and create generalized meeting IDs, a cloud point feature in India to enable low latency, HD video and Shaky Voice, and can include up to 50,000 participants on a call.

On Tuesday, Gopal Vittal, Chief Executive of Airtel, revealed on a call with reporters that the Indian telecom operator is exploring ways to bring Airtel BlueJeans to home customers as well, though he cautioned that any such offering would take at least a few weeks to hammer out.

Airtel BlueJeans is being allowed to businesses at no charge for the first three months, after which the video conferencing service will be offered at a “very reasonable” price, stated Vittal. Airtel will offer customized pricing plans for large businesses and small businesses, he further added.


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