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Why Are Video Product Presentations So Effective for Indian Businesses?

Recent figures suggest that Internet users from around the world spend more than one billion hours on YouTube each and every day. Of course, this is due in large part to the fact that nearly any video imaginable can be viewed within a matter of seconds. From sports and entertainment to documentaries and the latest film trailers, the possibilities are nearly limitless. It is therefore perfectly logical that businesses throughout India have sought to capitalise upon this massive sales and marketing opportunity. Embedded flash videos, hyperlinks to an official YouTube page and detailed infographics are some of the benefits associated with this unique digital medium. However, we need to look slightly past these obvious observations in order to truly appreciate the advantages of a YouTube presence if you are hoping to market a product or service to the public.

The Role of Psychology

Sales and psychology have always enjoyed a hand-in-hand relationship. This maxim is just as true within the digital environment as it is applicable to physical retail campaigns. The ultimate goal is to better identify with the customer in question. By establishing a resonance, it is much easier to promote what it is that you have to offer. Videos are often able to bridge the gap between a consumer who is undecided and one willing to take the next step. Here are some important reasons behind this observation:

  • Videos add a decidedly personal touch.
  • It is possible to explain unique features and benefits in greater detail.
  • Videos are highly interactive.
  • It is much easier to watch a video presentation on a smartphone when compared to reading long blocks of text.

By establishing a presence on YouTube, the business in question is clearly illustrating that it cares about the experiences of its customers. Let’s also not fail to mention that YouTube links are viewed favorably by search engines such as Google and Bing.

More Analytical Options Than Ever Before

We also need to look at the quantitative side of video marketing. You are now able to track discrete marketing parameters in order to better understand which strategies are working as well as those that might need a bit of improvement. Some analytics include the number of views, audience demographics, traffic sources, customer retention, and which devices are most commonly used to access the page. In other words, you will be able to make any necessary changes when the time is right by embracing a more proactive approach. Click here to learn about these and other techniques.

It seems as if nearly every business now boasts a YouTube channel. From promoting the latest winter fashion trends to introducing a new smartphone app, this portal represents an invaluable asset at your immediate disposal. As it is also entirely free to open an account and upload videos, there is no reason why YouTube should not be another tool within your arsenal of online marketing tools. Why not take advantage of such an amazing medium?

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