How can a staffing agency improve the health of your hospital?


Across the world, the healthcare industry faces talent gaps with a shortage of both primary care physicians and medical specialists. According to a report by the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy, India has a shortage of over 600,000 doctors and 2 million nurses. Moreover, a lack of staff trained in administering antibiotics prevents patients from accessing life-saving drugs. Add to it the problem of turnover, further exacerbating the skills gap and making it tougher for healthcare organizations to hold onto top talent.

How hospitals suffer due to poor recruitment practices  

Crucial to a healthcare facility’s operations is proper medical staffing. When a facility is understaffed or staffed with inadequately trained providers, the entire system suffers. When healthcare organizations make poor hires, it has a negative impact on the hospital’s productivity and performance. A bad hire will also exhibit poor performance, which can be life-threatening in a medical setting.

Sometimes, it can take hospitals up to months to fill open positions, either leadership or managerial. When vacancies remain high, safely delivering care becomes difficult and also costs hospitals in monetary terms.

How medical staffing agencies can help

How can healthcare organizations overcome recruitment challenges to find the right talent. As the healthcare industry struggles with staffings, it’s turning to medical staffing agencies to recruit highly-qualified professionals. Such agencies have proved to be reliable partners for identifying specialists and talented health professionals. Medical staffing agencies like Randstad are offering quality-focused B2B workforce solutions with extensive experience across a range of healthcare disciplines.

Medical recruitment agencies hold deep knowledge and experience to supplement the needs of organizations with cost-effective solutions. Here are some services a medical staffing agency can offer to solve recruitment challenges.

Employer branding

Recruitment agencies offer strong employer branding solutions, making it easier for healthcare organizations to attract qualified professionals that see it as a desirable brand. Because modern job hunters perform extensive research on prospective employers, healthcare organizations must establish a positive employer brand to attract talent.

Social media recruiting

Social media is an effective tool in healthcare recruiting because of the demanding nature of the industry. Because health job seekers work long hours and may not have time to research companies that are hiring, organizations can use social media to meet them on the platforms they use during their limited free time. Medical staffing agencies employ recruitment marketing tools to highlight open healthcare positions on social media platforms.

Candidate experience management

When a certain skill is in high demand (like in the healthcare industry), creating a unique candidate experience can serve as a huge competitive advantage. Staffing agencies build strong relationships with candidates even before they have an opening so they can quickly fill such roles when there’s one. By consistently communicating with potential candidates and being responsive, they employ a unique healthcare recruitment strategy to improve their experience.

A wide candidate pool

Medical staffing agencies have access to a wide pool of skilled healthcare professionals. This makes it easy for them to locate and recruit the right staff quickly.


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