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Freelance as a Career, New Scope of Earning Online

Best Online Workplace for Freelancers

Today, I’m going to show you a secret. One of the hardest things is finding an audience for your product or service. I have a fantastic place for you to check out and get selling. Having used this little “secret” for two years now, let me tell you that you can be successful and make your first money online relatively easy.

Introducing – Udyamjob

A lot of people don’t really understand what exactly is all about. In fact, the reasons so many people don’t understand what it’s about and how to use it is why I’ve decided to write this article. We’re going to learn the basics of both providing services to earn money through Udyamjob and also what you can expect from sellers in the marketplace as well. is my little secret. Sorry, it’s not a real big secret, but there are millions of people that don’t know about it – just like there are hundreds of thousands who use to buy and sell services.

First off, I have no affiliate connection with Udyamjob. I do not obtain any reimbursement or commission for telling you about Udyamjob or sending you there to look at the site. is a micro job site where people sell services, products, information, and content, along with lots of fun and crazy things – all at affordable price. People are making their first money online at Udyamjob and then there are people who have built up their business and reputation and make a decent income off Udyamjob. It all depends on what you have to offer, how many people see your offer, what service you are providing in which niche, and how you treat your customers.

How Udyamjob Works

To get the best usage out of, you need to sign up for an account. It’s free for everyone to sign up. Get a username, sign in, and look over the site. It’s very, very simple and there is plenty of information available on the site to show you how to set things up.

Once you have set up your account, browsed through the offerings of other Udyamjob users, you should have a pretty good idea how to work your ads. Choose a couple services or products that you can easily do for great amount.

Let’s say you are quick and knowledgeable about logo design, you have software that helps you design logos and you can whip these out in less than 15 minutes.

So now you log in to your Udyamjob account, go to my services, and click on Add New service. Write out a catchy title that is descriptive. For logo design you could have something like I will design a logo for your website for $20.

Then down to the description box, you will explain exactly what you will do for this logo design. You may limit the service in whatever way you see fit; for example, you could limit the design to a two-color logo. Look at what other people have on offer for logo design and you’ll get a good idea what is typical. You may very well find that you can take a couple of ideas, blend them together to make a unique and more valuable product for your clients.

Next, go to the instructions box where you will explain to your buyer what he/she needs to send you in order for you to design their logo. You may need to know colors, size, letters, graphics they might want. You will need to have this information clearly explained in this instruction box so that it saves both you and your client time.

Once you’ve completed the two large boxes, you will then indicate how many days it will take you to fulfill the service (always give yourself a little extra time should something unforeseen occur to delay you – and believe me, it happens when you least expect it), go to the Tags box and write out a list of 4 or 5 keywords that describe your service. In this case for the logo design, your keywords could be logos, graphic design, branding, and business cards. And finally, upload a unique picture to represent this service. Hopefully, if you’re offering logo design, you should have plenty of jpg pictures around to upload. Udyamjob likes us to use unique pictures for each service.

Abide by deadline

Another important part is the time duration. Though some of the best sellers might take days to deliver yet the initial target is to deliver within hours. If you are planning to utilize this platform to your best interest then make sure to work very hard during the initial few months. Once you are backed by some good feedbacks then orders will simply glide in. The service you offer must be delivered within a short duration.


After you have completed the task do not forget to deliver the same. This is a kind of obligation to make sure not to fail your promise. The order is marked completed once the buyer accepts it. In case the buyer fails to do so the ‘delivered’ status will get converted to ‘completed’ within the 3 days of delivery.

Buyers Benefits 

You may think that only large organizations have the money to outsource tasks; so you don’t do it. If you are a startup & haven’t generally turned a large profit, you can outsource your work through organization like Below are some great benefits buyers can derive from using Udyamjob:

  • Udyamjob offer services absolutely free of cost which means the buyer would be able to earn Money without investing anything.
  • Buyers are allowed to sell anything out here and there would absolutely be no restrictions implied on you for selling.
  • Secure Personal Details
  • Protected Buyer Payments
  • As you successfully complete your selling, you would get some percentage and the site would get some percentage for each sale. Thus both you and the site can benefit from it.

At present, the most popular services on Udyamjob seem to be around site marketing and promotion and in that capacity; Udyamjob is an incredible platform for the cheap outsourcing of these services.

Popular services center on promotion by means of prevalent social media sites, for example, Facebook and Twitter. The best ten services which appear to have the most astounding interest will in general be around the following:

  • Advertising 
  • Business 
  • Education 
  • Graphics & Design
  • Health
  • Fun & Lifestyle
  • Miscellaneous
  • Multimedia & Animation 
  • Online Marketing
  • Programming & IT
  • Writing & Translation
  • SEO

It’s also very important regardless if you’re a buyer or seller using Udyamjob you should make sure you communicate well with the other party. It’s just like any other type of business, the better you communicate with each other the more likely you’ll both be satisfied with the outcome of any sales. As you can see, depending on who you are there are various different uses to 

It really depends on what you’re looking for. Even if you don’t think you’ll find what you need to be done it may still be a good idea to check it out. You just may find yourself being pleasantly surprised. If you’re looking to sell, well I don’t know what you’re waiting for go check it out!

Wonder ! Have a look to Best Freelance website

You can deal with different categories like Advertising , Business, Education, Graphics & Design, Health, Fun & Lifestyle, Multimedia & Animation, Online Marketing, Programming & IT, Writing & Translation. 

Many freelance sites simply put too many restrictions and roadblocks in the path of the worker, however, has made it a smooth and streamlined process from start to finish. As a result, it ranks among the very top freelance websites in India.

About claims to offer the best online marketplace launched in India. Their goal has always been to help people sell their skills and develop as a self-employed.

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