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Eying a career in IT? These skills can help you get there!

Big data analytics

In the world of technology, the field of computer science has witnessed a sudden boom in the recent years. Amidst this technological big bang, there are two things that allure the eyes of most tech enthusiasts. The first one being android application development and the second one being data analytics. A data analytics certification or android training increases the chances of having a smooth career. These two domains of computer science are amongst the hot job trends and according to some experts, these are “promising fields that ensure the techy a lucrative job”.

What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is nothing but analyzing and examining a raw set of data in order to extract crucial information from it and summarising it from the given information. Data analysis involves the implementation of algorithmic, mathematical and statistical skills. This domain is very important for building analytic theories and real-life models. A data analytics certification gives a professional edge to an aspiring data analyst and is very helpful in a smooth career growth.

The field of data analytics has many applications. Data analytics can be very useful in the field of healthcare and medicine as it deals with a huge amount of information collected from the patients which can be used for concluding better insights and increase the efficiency of the treatment as well as the machinery which indirectly contributes in financial growth of the healthcare firm. Apart from this, data analytics can similarly be used in the gaming industry (for likes and dislikes of a particular age group) and managing the energy and resources in order to increase the efficiency of an energy grid/plant over a period of time. According to, an average data analyst with proper data analytics certification earns just over $65,000 per year.

Android Training and Development

Android phones dominate the Smartphone industry with an astonishing 80% market share. Clearly, Android development will be serving as a promising field in computer science industry for upcoming 5-6 years. If we look back at this picture, android development was considered as a very complex process and very few developers and enthusiasts jumped in this field because of a small community. But eventually, as it overtook the market, the number of people in android development increased rapidly and it became one of the most propitious career domain.

Today, Android apps are an integral part of every business irrespective of size and can be implemented in every possible field one can think of. An android developer gets paid according to his skills and experience in the industry. Apart from this, Android developers can also work as freelancers. But the most important thing that should be kept in mind that the industry appreciates those who have some professional recommendations and training. So, having a hands-on experience with android training can elevate the paycheck. According to Glassdoor, an average Android developer earns around 98K USD per year. Apart from experience in the aforementioned fields, recognized certifications and training in the respective domains increase the slope of career for a developer.

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