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TOGAF Certification : Details, versions, skills needed, cost of exam, job prospects

Most commonly known as “The Open Group Architecture Framework,” TOGAF is a developmental method which is used largely by enterprise to plan and design the IT architecture.

The version of TOGAF certification was started in 1995, expanding the concepts found in the TAFIM framework. Since then, it has been updated throughout the years to maintain the new approaches and developments happening in the enterprise architecture.

TOGAF 7 was a technical edition which was released in 2011.  

It was followed by TOGAF 8 enterprise edition in December 2002.  TOGAF 8.1 and 8.1.1 were the two updates of version 8.

In 2009 TOGAF 9 was introduced which brought along with new details on the overall framework, including increased guidelines and techniques.

The earlier version was TOGAF 9.1, which was released in 2001 and the latest version of 9.2 followed it.

Why is TOGAF certification worth it?

  •   Its an outstanding career move for any enterprise architect.
  •   A trusted portable credential which is globally recognized and is vendor-neutral.
  •   It shows your commitment to enterprise architecture as a discipline, thus inspiring your employers and peers.
  •   It is used by the top leading enterprises of the world. They use it to certify a common body of core knowledge about the methodology and framework. 

Skills needed to become TOGAF certified:

Although TOGAF is open to almost anyone who fulfills the criteria. But having the following key skills comes as an added advantage:

  • Basic technical expertise in the IT field and knowledge of IT systems.
  • Ability to view things at the organizational level.
  • Having an understanding of how enterprise architecture is aligned that it makes business decisions easier, thus helping in achieving different business goals.
  • The ability to understand the pros and cons of systems while procuring products for an organization.

Types and versions of TOGAF certification:

TOGAF certification program is designed as a market-driven education and certification program which accommodate and support the TOGAF 9.x releases of the standard. 

The heart of TOGAF is the architectural development method (ADM). 

  • ADM helps to establish a process for businesses around the lifecycle of enterprise architecture.
  • ADM is totally customizable as per a specific organizational need which can then help inform the business’s approach to information architecture.
  • It develops a process that has multiple checkpoints and establishes requirements making sure that there are minimal errors.

The latest version of TOGAF is TOGAF 9.2.  As per the suggestions from the open group community, some significant changes have been made, taking care of the TOGAF st andards.

  •   The manual has been divided into a more modular structure.
  •   Addition of clearer definitions and improved terminologies.
  •   Update in the content Metamodel unit.
  •   Development and expansion in the business architecture unit.

TOGAF 9.2 courses come under the following subheadings:

TOGAF 9.2 (Level 1) foundation course:

It introduces all the topics on which the TOGAF 9.2 part 1 examination is based on and prepares for the level needed to pass the examination.

It’s usually of 2 days duration where course reference books are given to derive the maximum benefit. The contents from the reference books are used in various exercises throughout the course.

TOGAF 9.2 (Level 2) certified course:

It is a 2-day certified course which involves interactive classroom-based learning.

The main focus is the practical application of the framework, which is based upon the foundational knowledge and comprehension of level 1. Practical scenarios are used for better understanding.

The main objective behind this certification is to make sure that along with the foundation knowledge from level 1, the candidate is able to analyze and apply this knowledge.

TOGAF 9.2 (Level 1 and Level 2) combination course:

The course prepares its candidates for the combined TOGAF 9.2 Foundation and certified exams (Level 1 & 2).

Are there any prerequisites for the exam?

TOGAF 9 part 1 Foundation level: There are no fixed perquisites for this stage. Any candidate who is confident enough to crack the exam can take the exam.

To qualify, you will need 55% marks, which, means a minimum of 22 questions from a total of 40 multiple choice pattern questions. Each question carries a single point.

TOGAF 9 part 2 level:  For this level, you will need to have a TOGAF 9 foundation certification. 

The exam comprises of 8 complex questions with gradient scoring. It covers complete level 2 learning.

The pass percentage is 60%. The correct answer carries 5 points, the second best 3 points, the third best 1 point, and the distracter scores zero points.

TOGAF 9 (Level 1 and Level 2) combination course:

This is also open for all candidates who think they can crack the exam and wants to establish a career in the same. This is a combined exam for those who wish to achieve level 2 directly. 

You can appear for both the exams on the same day, with the condition that you should achieve the required passing marks for the foundation level and moreover it has to be at the same ATTC center.

How much does the exam cost? 

The exam fees also include the certification fees. Its price varies from country to country according to the currency values in specific countries and regions. 

However, the general fee is nearly $400 for each exam. In some countries, there can be additional taxes.

Is there any specific syllabus?

If you have decided to appear for the exam, you can either join the training courses which will teach you everything needed for the exams. These can be done by taking accredited courses under the open group of even from the non-accredited ones. Or you can buy the complete course from an open group website or do self-study. There are around eleven subject areas altogether required by the TOGAF part 1 exam and around eight subjects for phase 2.

Job prospects:

TOGAF has been at the top list of the most –in-demand skills in the current job market. 

It opens the door that may otherwise not be possible. It is accepted by a large section of organizations like banks, hospitals, and industries that are looking for skills to solve their enterprise management problems. Some of the top companies who have been hiring TOGAF certified IT professionals are Capgemini, CGI, Deloitte, HP, IBM, Oracle, and Wipro 


Having a TOGAF certification can significantly enhance your professionals’ skills, improve your chances for rewarding assignments, give a handsome increase in salary and help in your career advancement, giving better peer recognition.

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