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Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Consider Taking Microsoft Certification Exams To Upgrade Your Career!

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The Information Technology (IT) industry has witnessed a great improvement and constant changes in the last few years. There is therefore danger in staying on the same spot without upgrading your knowledge base. If you really want to be relevant in the industry, you need to keep up with the pace of changes, otherwise, you will be left behind and you will become obsolete. As a career person, the important thing is for you to keep forging ahead and breaking new grounds well ahead of your colleagues, so that you can be more relevant in your workplace and also hone your skills to be at par with the leaders of your industry.

Microsoft certifications are some of the well-respected certifications in the industry. As a fact, Microsoft credentials are at the top of the pay scale chart based on the 2017 IT Skills and Salary Survey carried out by Global Knowledge.

Why you should consider Microsoft Certifications

Businesses have discovered the great impact of technology on their growth and advancement. They have shifted focus towards technical certifications of their staff. When it comes to hiring, certifications are some of the top things looked out for by these employers. Getting certified therefore can only be beneficial to your career growth.

  • Competitive Advantages

Certifications make you stand out by authenticating your skills and knowledge. According to the study conducted by IDC on the benefits and productivity gains obtainable through IT certifications, it was established that having technical certifications is an added advantage for job seekers during the recruitment process. Apart from seeking for jobs, gaining knowledge through different trainings and certifications examinations can prove to be a smart way of nurturing your expertise.

Microsoft certifications help in validating your networking skills before your employers. And they not only confirm your skills, but also open doors for more advanced certificates. You can start your IT career with the MCSA certification which is the first level in the list of certifications offered by Microsoft. Interestingly, you do not need any prior knowledge in IT to be able to get this certification. All you need is dedication and discipline to be able to study and pass your certification examinations. When you are done with a stage of certification, you can proceed to obtain more. The more credentials you attain, the better your competitive advantage in the IT career world.

  • Microsoft Certifications can boost your Resume

As mentioned earlier, Microsoft certifications can be an important tool to help you get a better job. If you are just starting out in the IT job market place, having a certification can be a determining factor on whether or not you get your desired job. This is because new job entrants in the IT industry typically do not possess lot of experience on their career resume. One great way to make up for this lack of experience is to boost your CV with a list of Microsoft credentials. In other words, what you do not have in experience, make up for it grandly in your list of certifications.

  • Close Your Knowledge Gaps

Many IT professionals who work on a single Microsoft product every day of their live are often exposed to only a subset of the features of the product. Studying for a Microsoft certification examination will however compel you to learn about other features that you are not quite familiar with. This will enhance your skills and help you become more knowledgeable about the product and may also help you derive extra benefits from the knowledge of the product.

  • Current Microsoft Certification may be Obsolete

Microsoft has had a standing policy of expiration of certification after a lengthy period of time. However, in recent times, Microsoft certifications seem to expire faster than they have been. In addition to this, Microsoft has continually reviewed its entire certification programs within the last couple of months. As a result of this, there is a high change that your current certification is obsolete or will soon be obsolete. To keep up with the pace therefore, you will need to pursue the latest certificates offered by Microsoft.

  • Microsoft Products are still very Relevant

Microsoft products are still in the market, and they are very relevant in today’s business world. There is the likelihood to have the misconception that Apple is the only product used by organizations in the business world. However, if you take a look at many corporations today, you will discover that majority of them are still running their businesses on Microsoft products on their desktop computers and their servers. To this end, Microsoft certificates still remain very valuable in the corporate world.

  • Reduction in Operation Costs

Innovative concepts and products are being developed on a regular basis. You may not be privy to this if you do not take a step to learn more through certifications. Preparing for Microsoft certification examinations compel IT professionals to study and learn different materials they would ordinarily not have access to. Writing Microsoft test requires in-depth study on topics such as best practice configurations and licensing. There are a lot to be learnt on these two areas of study and interestingly, organizations can benefit greatly from these two areas. For instance, an organization can reduce its licensing and management cost for their backup software and antivirus software by combining numerous servers into one. This is because there is single virtual equipment that can host multiple server roles without violating best practice standard set by Microsoft. This information can only be gathered in the process of preparing for a certification by using sites like Microsoft MCSA 70-480 Practice Test Questions. It is therefore imperative for organizations to encourage and support their staff members to enrol for Microsoft Certifications.

  • Microsoft Certifications provide platform to ask for a Raise at Work

Due to the business outlook and the state of the economy, many employers are very reluctant when it comes to giving employees raises. In most cases, when you request for a raise at work, you will be asked to justify your request. Really, performances in the IT department can be a bit difficult to quantify. However, you can use your recent certification to your advantage. This is because obtaining a certification means you have learnt new skills that will benefit your organization. A good organization sees potentials in such a person and tries to keep them in the organization.

As you can see, Microsoft certifications have all necessary features to help you start, or continue, or improve you IT career.

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