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“Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still ! ”

-Dorothe Lange

Indeed photography is a universal way of communication, conveying a lot in just one still photograph.

For all those enthu-cutlets in photography, this article gives you just the right places to be to capture some splendid shots in the capital city DELHI!

Here are my five picks for the best places for photography in Delhi.


Chandni Chowk or the Moonlight Square, one of the oldest and most busiest streets in Delhi is not only a  perfect place to be for shopping or hogging street food, but also offers the perfect frames for street photography. One can capture  the bustling crowd,  the bubbling liveliness, people bargaining, the vibrant energy which it has to offer right from dawn to dusk. Capturing the perfect shot tapping the excitement, joy, colours of this buzzing market in the overcrowded streets is definitely a great challenge for the photographers but the shots taken will leave you amazed.

Chandni Chowk Pictures || Unsplash
Image: Unsplash
Chandni Chowk
Image: LBB


The vivid colours of the nature’s bounty,housing the marvels of Lodhis architecture – Mohammed Shah’s Tomb, Sikander Lodi’s Tomb, Sheesh Gumbad and Bada Gumbad,Lodhi gardens stands a class apart in offering some mesmerizing views to its visitors.This place is not only popular among the morning walkers but is also a favorite for pre-wedding photo shoots.The lush greenery and the immense heritage gives a great opportunity to the photographers to encapsulate the beauty of nature in a frame.The early hours of morning make it an ideal time for the picture perfect shots.

Lodhi Garden, Delhi: Information
Image: Fab Hotes
Image: Tripoto


Loacated in Hauz Khas, one of the most affluent neighbourhoods of south Delhi,the Houz Khas village complex is an urbanized village which includes a water tank, an islamic seminary, a mosque, a tomb, popular restaurants- like the Houz Khas Social, Imperfecto and many others, numerous art galleries, upscale boutiques and pavilions built all around the village.It offers a perfect blend between urbanization and mediaval architectural monuments often known as the blend of extremes,giving immense pleasure to the photographers to shoot innumerable photos with the right background and the perfect view.



Red fort-a red sandstone marvel and an iconic symbol of India is a fortified palace of Shahjahanabad (captital city of  the mughal emperor Shah Jahan) Delhi .The intricate mughal architecture is the focus of a major photography enthusiasts. The grand celebrations of Independence day  and Republic at Red Fort give magnificent opportunities to capture some excellent photographs.Even during the rest of the year this place is crowded with many tourists and visitors.The sprawling gardens around the fort add to its beauty and gives some brilliant landscape view.




The garden of five sense, a public leisure park developed by the Delhi tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTDC), Government of Delhi in 2003 is a theme based garden built on a rocky terrain. It offers various theme areas including a section on the lines of mughal gardens, plush pools of water lilies, bamboo courts, herb gardens and solar energy park which are worth being photographed. All these are definitely a  treat to the eyes. The photographers can go all ‘click-click’ in this 20 acre park stimulating all their five senses.



To conclude with i would like to say ‘Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’.Take your camera ,go out there, experiment and get your picture perfect shot right away.

Also do share your views, comments and photography below.

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  1. It is a good article, informative and crisp. I definitely want to check out all these places, to enjoy the beauty and to capture the memories.

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