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Delhi Loves Sports

With such diversity and being a capital city which sport does Delhi citizens play and how many sports do they play and how did they know about them


As i sat down wondering when I was going through some news about how the fans in Kerala, Goa, West Bengal and North East states were excited about the ongoing Fifa World cup 2014 while those in Punjab, Haryana and some states in the South were excited about the Hockey World cup that was going on around the same time, at that point I thought these states loved these sports and many in India has more affiliation towards one sports than other for example Mumbai LOVES cricket, Punjab and Haryana both hockey and Kabaddi, South loves chess, badminton, football and hockey.

But what does Delhi love the answer to it was not an easy one to find and it took me a lot of research and dedication while I went through articles by searching for them on this cool thing called GOOGLE, anyways Delhi has a history of hosting a lot of events/tournaments since independence and since many of them were Multi-disciplines they kind of crept into the households where children and grown-ups were ready to experiment with new things.
India has hosted a lot of world Class events – 2 Times Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Hockey world cup, SAFF championship, Nehru Cup, Athletics Championship, Delhi Half Marathon


Along with them Delhi has been host to many other other franchisees of various competitions – IPL, World Series Hockey, Kabaddi Series, hockey India league hosting such events has resulted in developing excellent standards of stadiums in Delhi.


But these are just the ones which are famous not many know that Delhi is host to Rank no.1 Rugby 7’s team of India which has given 16 players to the Indian team Delhi Hurricanes, Sports like Polo, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Shooting, Equestrian, Volleyball, Table Tennis and Basketball has a host of new tournaments every week with colleges and schools along with clubs organizing them but sadly not many take it up professionally but then with so many sports that you can think of you just name them and you would find that sport being played in Delhi.
The photo below is the training ground for DELHI HURRICANES


And if you think that something is still missing then for you kind information NCR hosted India’s only Grand Prix F1 Event the stadium which hosted the event is used around the year for various motorsports events.

The fact that also helps in making sure that children are inclined towards sports a bit more is that the prestigious Delhi University has a sports quota for children who are good in sports will get admission to this University.

But the question remains which sport does Delhi love the most, the answer to which was not clear to me even after so much work, you would find a ground with kids playing cricket along the pitch of a football ground with kids who would be complaining that those playing such games are not letting them play badminton in peace.

Delhi’s hosting such major events has had the impact of imparting the knowledge about so many sports that People of Delhi has embraced all of them with open arms.
Delhi truly loves sports.

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