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Five things you should know about the Jaipur bus

City buses are available in every metro city. Here are some real and funny five facts about the Jaipur Bus that you should know!

The most commonly used means of transport of the ‘mango people’ of Jaipur is the low floor city bus. From students to the working class and from the young to the elderly, it takes everyone for a ride! And with its ‘Hop on, Hop off’ tag line, it is surely going to make your journey feel like a short hop. From Todi to Badi Choupad and from Kanota to the Sindhi Camp, it manages to cover almost the entire city.

You know how ‘travel broadens the mind’, well, taking a trip on the city bus is surely going to leave you with an experience you’ll never forget and it is not only because of how you reach your destination but mostly because of the journey as you get to observe people coming from all walks of life.

So recalling one such ride through the city, I was fascinated about how Jaipurites go round the Pink City.

1. The Stop is not meant for stopping!  


Well, it’s called a Stop but the bus isn’t going to stop so you have got to be fast and fearless to get on, unless you are patient enough to wait for the next bus which is going to be unstoppable just like the one you missed!

2. The Conductor who never forgets!


It doesn’t matter how short you are or how crowded the bus is, the conductor is always going to be able to identify the one who still hasn’t paid although he might forget to pay you back when he doesn’t have change.

3.  The race to get to the other side!


Well, you’ve got on to the bus just in time and you might have even managed to get a seat but to get to the exit when you reach your destination, especially if you are seated at the back of the bus, is going to seem like a battle.

4. Are we there yet?!



Well for those who are used to the everyday hustle it is easy, but for those who are new to the city, this is a question they are going to ask the frustrated conductor or the passengers every time the bus slows down. Survival of the fittest!

From the time you get on the bus till you get out of it, I ensure you it is going to be a roller coaster ride. For those who like travelling a mile a minute, it’s going to be an enjoyable ride but for those who are faint at heart I advise you just to close your eyes and hold onto your seats.

Have you heard of the saying ‘he travels fastest who travels alone’? Well this is surely going to be one such ride that’s going to prove it wrong!

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