Wed. Dec 7th, 2022

There would have been ample times during our school/college life where we would have bunked our classes for no reason at all. The thought of getting up early in the morning and preparing ourselves for school was a tedious task, yet we were forced to go to the institute. The reasons such as headache, stomach ache, fever did work for me for a fewer times till I was caught. The attendance shortage was a threat till I finished my education.



I was always surrounded with Jain friends and the community is known for its food and big fat weddings. I still remember the long vacation that my friends use to take to attend the weddings, without any prior approval. It was understood that such a long leave would not be sanctioned by the Heads of the institute; hence a medical certificate was always kept ready. There were many cases, where the students were genuinely ill and a long leave was required. In both the cases, the medical certificate worked.

The schools and colleges have become stricter these days, pertaining to the smartness of the students.  A recent high court order slams the door on students citing vague reasons for being absent from the classes. Migrans, flu, cold, fever and many such reasons are produced by the students to take leave. The attendance shortage had been a major problem among the students and the colleges, thereby forcing the management  to hold their hall tickets.


Many students have approached the courts to get a relief on the medical grounds. They have been successful to some extent, but in a recent case the court have disapproved the petition of a student, as the reason cited was not strong enough to approve the absenteeism.

Thus, the students have to be careful henceforth. Neither the court, nor the college can help them out if they fail to have the minimum attendance.

By Prithviraj Singh Chauhan

Part time journalist, full-time observer. Editor-in-Chief at The Indian Wire. I cover updates related to business and startups.

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