New guidelines for schools



The crime rate against women is on a rapid rise in the IT city. The recent case on July 2, where a minor was assaulted in the school premises by the skating instructor has created havoc in the city.  People protested against the crime and were on the roads to demand justice for the 6 year old girl and to demand for  strong laws to prevent occurrences of such barbaric acts that would impact the society as a whole, just not the individuals or the family.  The culprit must be punished, not for the bare reason of committing crime, but also to caution the other anti-social animals who have taken women for granted and as mere sex objects. The Police must act strict and frame guidelines to protect the girl child.

The City Police have set a string of guidelines for all the schools. These guidelines must be adhered to and should be implemented before August 31, 2014. These new guidelines are issued under Karnataka Police Act and the schools would be charged under section 188 of penal code if they are faulty with the guidelines.  The following are the newly set guidelines:

  1. All the school buses and vans must be equipped with GPS System and CCTV Cameras.
  2. Drivers should not be permitted inside the school premises. Drivers should not be allowed to interact with the school children during or after the school hours.
  3. A floor vigilance officer must be deployed by the schools to track the movements of all the students, staff and visitors.  A transparent cabin must be set for him to observe the movements.
  4. The physical activity centres such as gym, swimming pool, yoga, basket ball court and so on must be functioning under an authorized personnel.
  5. All the schools must have SMS-alert facility about the pick and drop of the students. This facility would also reveal the information about the person who will be picking up the child from the school premises. The Parents must provide the details of the person who will pick the child from the school.
  6. ID cards must be issued to parents as well.

These guidelines are just a step towards safety.  A lot more strict rules and laws have to be framed to deal with this issue at a higher level.  There is one rape taking place in every 20 minutes in India. The vicious cycle of rape, protest, police and court has been continuing in India, without much help to anybody, except the media. How long will this injustice continue?





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