Types of People in Delhi University

Delhi University is one of the most popular organizations in the country. There are millions of students who dream of being a part of DU after they complete their school life. Most of those students are studious and some of them are not, here in this article, I have compiled a list of those kind of students who are often found in various other roles in the university.

1. The feminist : These are usually girls, studying in hardcore feminist women colleges. Say one thing related to women, they are going to associate this with feminism. We are not judging them but these can be both radical and liberal and we love listening to their theories about feminism.

Fashion DU2. The fashionista: By fashionista I do not mean only girls, there are boys too in DU high on fashion. Latest designer clothes. Check. Glasses. Check. Shoes. Check. Bag/handbag. Check. Expensive watch. Check. They decide what to wear to college next day more than they prepare for the tests or the semester exams.

3. The foodie: This person after taking admission in a college in DU looks around for eating joints and canteens more than looking for books and syllabus. He/she knows everything about the latest restaurants and cafes and has trod the roads of Chandni Chowk, Kamla Nagar and Satya niketan more than his/her own college just to grab that one bite of butter chicken pizza.

4. The MUN scholars: These are students who were part of some MUN (Model United Nation) in their schools and now in colleges too. Their sole aim in life is to attend that one conference wherever it is happening and participate in every possible research project. These are usually the one selected for Universities abroad.

5. The hosteler: These are by far the laziest human species found on planet earth. Their assignments always miss the deadline, they always come to college in their pajamas without combing or even brushing their teeth, they hog on the lunch boxes of their day scholar friends because of course they missed their breakfast due to over sleeping. And the reason is, all the late night movie/ sitcom watching sessions.

6. The Society Stricken kid: This one is always actively associated with some society or the other, be it dramatics, dance, fine arts, photography or the college band. The sole reason this person comes to college because he/she has to join these societies/clubs.

7. The sports person: This one is a national level sports person. He/she took admission in a reputed college because of their sports quota. Their half college life is spent in the gymnasium, sports ground or attending various sports events. They are rarely seen attending classes.


8. The smokers: These are the people who smoke everything and anything and anywhere and everywhere. They know where one could find the best ‘maal’ or stuff. D school, ridge road or back of the metro stations are their favorite hangout places, because you know, who needs to go to classes when you can smoke up and chill.

9. The love birds: Alleys, metro stations, college canteens, nearby cafes, under the trees, stair cases, these are the places where these people can be students DUfound. Seems like they always find love in hopeless places. But what happens to them after college, nobody knows.

10. The rich brats: As the name suggests, these are stinking rich kids, they have the latest everything, the latest car, mobile phones, watches, clothes, you name it, and they have it. And they never forget to look down upon you. You can always find them saying, “man I am so broke today, I have only Ten thousand bucks left”.

11. The politicians: They contest every possible election in college be it the college president or the university president. All they want to become is president. Politics is their religion and college is their temple. And DU is the stepping stone for them to enter the mainstream political arena in Delhi.

12. The Muggers or Padhakus: Last but not the least, they topped in school, they still top in college. They mug up everything. And always make sure to not share their notes with anybody. They have full attendance and basically no social life. They come to college in the morning and leave for home as soon as the classes end.


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