Thu. Feb 9th, 2023

Several videos have gone viral on social media in the last three days. They have attracted attention, as both belong to a prestigious coaching centre in Delhi, which trains students for prestigious civil services.

The coaching centre in question is Vision IAS. Its faculty Smriti Shah is telling her students in a class that ‘Bhakti Cult’ in Hinduism started as a response to the liberalism of Islam.

In a video clip that has gone viral, she could be heard saying that when Islam started coming to India in the 7th century, it generated a huge response as it talked about liberalism and a society free from the evils of discrimination and oppression. She further added that ‘Bhakti Cult’ was started as a response to it. In another video, she could be heard saying that the feeling of Hindu Rashtra gives rise to the violent behaviour of Hindus. She also says that the feeling of Hindu Rashtra gives rise to the enmity of Hindus towards religious minorities.

What has irked many netizens and twitter users is the blatant disregard for the Bhakti movement in the country and the inherent Hinduphobia in Smriti Shah’s teachings.

In a late-night statement, Vision IAS justified the arguments of faculty member Smriti Shah. Terming faculty Shah an “esteemed faculty and member,” Vision IAS said, “The discussion in point is only focused on one possible reason for the rise of the Bhakti cult and that too in a particular time period.”

Commenting on the event and the statement of Vision IAS, Advocate Shashank Shekhar Jha said, “This is a statement and not an apology! Posted at 2:30 with Comments Closed, Vision IAS missed apologising for ‘esteemed’ where- She referred to Bhakti Cult as Pejorative and another video where she used Hindu Rashtra jibe and labelled Hindus as violent & attackers.”

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