Here’s everything Google announced at CES 2019

Google CES 2019

Google is going big at CES 2019 with a myriad of announcements regarding new features, launches, and more.

Here’s a convenient list for you covering all the announcements from Google:

  • Google says that its Assistant, the voice-powered AI, will be available on 1 billion devices all over the world by the end of this month. Google first announced the Google Assistant back in 2016 which later made its way to Pixel/Pixel XL. By now, the Google Assistant can be found on TVs, smart speakers, smartwatch, tablets, and just about every Android device there is.
  • Google is rolling out an update that brings Google Assitant to Maps on both iOS and Android devices. It would be well optimized for Android devices because of Google’s monopoly, however, it is a welcome update for both devices.
  • Google says the Assistant will soon be available for Sonos speakers. Sonos speakers lack mic so users will be able to access the speakers through Google Home Devices. Google has been promising this feature for quite a while now and with the recent announcement, it could be expected sooner rather than later.
  • 2019 Samsung TVs will support Google Assistant later this year. Users will be able to access various features on their Samsung smart TV like adjust volume, change channels, and turn on/off the set through Google Home devices.
  • Dish is adding Google Assistant to its Hopper set-top-boxes which will allow users to speak to Assistant through Dish voice remote.
  • Google Assistant will soon be able to check into flights when users say “Hey Google, check into my flight”. Although this feature is only limited to United flights for now with more airlines on the way. The Assistant will also be able to check into hotels.
  • Lenovo is building a new smart clock that is powered by Google Assitant and could be set up as a nightstand.
  • Google adds a new feature to its Assistant called the Interpreter Mode which will be able to translate languages in real time allowing for a seamless conversation between two different language speaking persons.
  • Google is working on a new initiative called Assistant Connect. This tool can be used to build devices that leverage an existing connected speaker with Google Assistant to deliver contents and respond to commands without being connected to Google’s cloud.
  • Google has worked with JBL and Anker to manufacture accessories that pop into users car’s 12v outlet and make Assitant work better in the car. Both JBL and Anker can connect over Bluetooth or AUX with built-in noise cancellation for the road noise and they let users access the Assistant without having to unlock the phone.

Google went hard with its assistant this time at CES with every single announcement from the company related to Assistant in one way or other. They even built a two-story building right outside the event center, dedicated entirely to demonstrating Assistant.

Google has made it clear that it wants to develop an entire eco-system around its Assistant just as it has done with the Android.


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