Mon. Sep 26th, 2022

LG Display has unveiled a few details about the OLED panels it will be shipping to TV manufacturers this year. the lineup has a 42-inch panel which is the smallest TV-sized OLED yet to come from LG Display and also the new 83-inch panel size that might be featured in the Bravia lineup that was revealed by Sony a few days ago.

This means that OLED TVs this year will be available in sizes of 42, 48, 55, 65, 77, 83 and 88 inches. LG Display states that it is also shipping a “next-generation” 77-inch panel which is said to be around 20% more efficient and capable of higher brightness than before and has been a relative disadvantage of OLED TVs till now.

LG Display to showcase lifestyle of future with Transparent OLED at CES 2021
Image Source : PR Newswire

LG Display has been a components manufacturer and never releases consumer products itself and so it is not clear on who will actually put a 42-inch TV for sale this year. The bigger LG Electronics company is yet to fully reveal the 2021 range of OLED TVs but a report by Yonhap says that it will use “OLED evo” branding for the new panels in the 2021 “G1” series.

LG Display already made news at virtual CES of this year and announced a “Smart Bed” concept with a transparent OLED panel which rises out of the foot with a 48-inch flexible panel that can shift from a flatscreen TV to a curved gaming monitor.