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How To Reduce Air Conditioner power Consumption & Increase Its Efficiency?

Using an Air Conditioner is now a common factor in almost every home. But, most of us do not know the correct way of using it. We don’t even know how the different features of an air conditioner can easily help us in reducing power consumption or even increase its efficiency. Every year we see millions of complaints by users reporting on their current air conditioner. It’s not always the product’s fault. If you don’t know the best way to operate it, you’ll never get to know how well an AC can serve you over the years.

Can I reduce the power consumption of my AC? Can I really make it more efficient and last longer? Yes, you surely can. By following guide, you can easily achive this.

How To Reduce Air Conditioner power Consumption & Increase Its Efficiency

Understanding How the System Works:

Most of the split or central air conditioners have two basic parts which include an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. It basically works as a compressor and an evaporator. If you can understand the mechanism of the AC, you’ll surely be able to conserve energy as well as make it efficient. 

The steps begin from the setup of the Air Conditioner. You may need to follow the setup manual gradually which will make it easier for you to configure. Know what your AC is composed of. If you have a heat pump instead of a furnace in the indoor unit, your ac will start cooling faster.

Keeping the Unit Clean:

One of the most important tips is to clean the unit at regular intervals. If you have a split ac, it tends to exchange the hot air inside the room and converts it to cooler air. But at the same time, it catches in dust particles. More the dust particles are growing, the suction power increases. This is because the nozzles receive a lesser gap to suck in the air. To get away from this mess, opt for cleaning at regular intervals which will make the things better.

The steps to clean your AC unit are very simple. You may opt to use a soft bristle brush in order to clean the fins. However, in some of the ACs, it is not possible. In such cases, you may have to unscrew and lift off the indoor unit and then bring out the channels. You can gently clean them but make sure to apply soft hands. There may be small feathers so you’d not like to tear them.

Silencing an air conditioner:

There are various reasons why an air conditioner may make a humming noise. Usually, this happens from the outdoor unit when the compressor has to take in huge pressure. This happens when the input is not meeting the output airflow requirements. However, if this happens, you can take the help of a compressor blanket. It’s very easy to install and also helps your AC to go for a silent operation.

If you are facing the same issue and feel that the sound is coming from the indoor unit, then the issue is about dust. Carefully check out the vents and also the fins and brush away the dust. There may also be some dust in the pipes. In this case, it is just better to call out a service maintenance person to maintain the efficiency of the unit. 

However, make sure that you do not continue running the AC for a longer duration once the sound comes from the Compressor.

Programmable Thermostat:

In today’s world, having a Programmable Thermostat in every home is almost a mandatory thing to do. But to get the best results, you can install a Programmable Thermostat to your AC. this will set the perfect temperature according to the room temperature and the requirements. Most of the modern ACs does have programmable modes for us to manually change the mode according to the weather. But if we do not understand the concept and the use of it, it is of no use at all.

So, installing an automatic Programmable Thermostat will definitely do the job for you. It configures the ACs according to the weather temperatures and makes sure that you can maintain a good temperature inside the room. This also helps in saving energy as well as maintaining efficiency.

In-Line Duct Booster:

This is mostly for central ACs if you have installed in your home or business place. Well, most of the central air conditioners come with a proper system of ducts, but it may often happen that due to dust and pollution, some of the ducts may be blocked. In such a case, even if you are allowing forced cooling, it still remains hotter than most of the rooms.

Having an In-Line Duct Booster may do the job well for you. The main function is to increase the flow of cool air into the room which makes it even beneficial for the compressor. There are basically two types of booster fans available which you can install right beside the outlet. This is a simple mechanism as the fan kicks up when the cooling system runs. Depending on the model and the configuration, you can easily install the In-Line Duct Booster and get the best outcomes.

Replace the Filter:

Simply washing the filter and making it run for a longer time will not make things good. If your AC is already five years old! Most of the split ACs have two different filters which are placed on the indoor unit. Take them out at an interval of every 3 months. This will help you to clean away the dust that is already present inside the filter. Because of the mechanism, the AC was collecting warm air along with dust from the room. 

Cleaning this at a regular interval will always allow the compressor to work with low power. It won’t face any extra load and also work with clean and fresh air. However, we recommend you to replace the filter if you see any tear in the threads or even it’s become five years, it’s the time for replacing the previous filter and gets a new one.

Is Your AC Unit the Right Size?

Finding the right size of your AC is just the foundation to conserving AC power and also maintaining the efficiency level. If you follow the mechanism of any AC, the compressor is organized in such a way to exchange a particular volume of hot air and replace it by cooler air present inside the room. So the working efficiency of the AC works on these factors. Find out the perfect capacity of compressor according to your room. So what you need to do is to select an AC with the right capacity size of the compressor according to the size of the room. 

Most of the new ACs does come with energy saving ratings, but if the capacity is small and your room size is larger, the compressor will take in more wattage. This means that your AC will consume more electricity that the regular requirements.

Unclog the Condensate Drain Tube:

This is another typical problem that is found in most of the ACs. Almost all the newly purchased ACs has a new and reliable compressor. Clogging happens when ice from compressor forms on the Drain Tube. This makes the air conditioner completely inefficient to perform and to work. There may be irritating sounds and also water droplets falling from the indoor unit. This happens because the compressors have already done more work than your requirement. For example, when you have a smaller room but the compressor works at a higher capacity, it may condensate and form ice. When such happens, it’s time for you to clean the drain tube.

To clean the tube, make sure that the Ac is not working for the last 6-8 hours. It will help you to melt the ice. Once it is completely melted, you can take the help of a small stick and clean away. Condensation at the draining pipe may cause bacteria. So we advise you to quickly clean it as soon as this happens.

Reduce Heat Sources:

This may seem to be a bit catchy but factors such as wall paints, curtains or even light sources may raise the bar of the AC. Natural light is a great source to have in your home. If it is summer time and you are allowing the scorching sun rays to come inside with bright paints and light curtains, the heat tends to stay inside. This also allows the heat to work faster than your AC. The compressor requires more time and effort to cool the room. This allows in consuming more current and also reducing the life span.

If you simply replace the curtains and make them dark, the heat source is reduced. This will help the AC to cool down faster and making it more efficient.

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  • Nice Article!!

    Nicely explained about the Air Conditioners.
    An AC with PM filters is a good choice where the air quality is not that good.
    It will give both AC and Air Purifier effect


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