Boost your brand! Get tried-and-tested digital marketing tips from entrepreneur Pulkit Gogna!

Pulkit Gogna

Everybody is online these days. Thanks to the cheap internet and smartphones, it is almost impossible to separate people from their phones. And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that their buying decision and the entire buying process is happening online too.  So, when they are searching online, where are you? Are you hiding on page two or three of search results, which is the perfect place to hide a thing or two so that nobody could ever find out! So, what’s your plan? Is it to fade away into the oblivion or to crack the digital marketing course to your advantage? If it is the latter, you are in the right place!

Digital marketing is ever-changing and volatile but it doesn’t have to be impossible to decode. With the right strategy and right people, you can chalk out not only an elaborate but also a successful digital marketing plan for your business.  Pulkit Gogna of Chandigarh Institute of Digital Marketing suggested this, speaking at a town hall meeting of digital leaders and community members.

Pulkit Gogna is a name associated with digital marvels like Bharatsthali and City Flowers. Now, at the helm of Chandigarh Institute of Digital Marketing, he and his team walk the brands through the slippery terrain of the digital world. Here are some tips from none other than him to harness the power of digital marketing for the advantage of your business. 

Digital Marketing is intense and intimate.

There is no other way to say this. Like offline marketing, one needs to talk to customers on a one-on-one basis. Be it an e-mailer or the good old-fashioned SMS, a woman wouldn’t like to be addressed as a generic Mr. or vice-versa. The former is actually quite gender-biased and wouldn’t fit well with the customers. Besides, maintaining a good relationship with customers, listening to what they have to say about your brand and having a quick turnaround on their queries and questions, can help your brand a lot in the long run.

Work on the USP.

Before even starting with an offline or digital marketing strategy, you need to work on the products or service you are offering. You need to close the leaks and fix the loopholes such as logistics even before you go online. Because it is evident that things get heated up quite quickly in this domain and online reputation management is rather difficult and trickier than managing the digital marketing for a brand. So, focus on providing good services and the rest, is relatively achievable. If a brand is providing bad services or low-quality products to the customers, nobody has come up with a digital marketing strategy that can save it from the doom.

Patience and Paid are the two keywords of digital marketing.

Brands shouldn’t shy away from adopting paid digital strategies such as e-mail marketing and PPC while pursuing organic traffic. A balance between both can give them good results in terms of word-of-mouth fame and awareness. Also, they need to understand that digital marketing isn’t a magic wand that can give overnight results. SEO takes at least 6-month to start generating leads and sales for you. So, if anybody is telling you otherwise, it is not true. There are no golden keywords and there is definitely not a golden touch.  All you have is perseverance to do consistent effort to see how the mix-up of SEO and PPC paint a rosy picture for your brand.



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