Finding Best Institute for Learning Digital Marketing

future of network marketing in India

Since the past few years there has been immense hype around the term Digital Marketing. Marketing in general is a very interesting topic for most of us, now what if you could do marketing online? With the availability of uber fast internet connectivity that is very much possible in our country.

While looking for a job after graduation or master’s degree majority of the candidates likes to do a desk job compared to a field project. But again, people don’t like repetitive and boring desk only jobs of filling forms and doing excel. In that case Digital marketing is something that stands aside as it is not only a work in comfort kind of job it is also challenging and has lot of growth opportunities.

Digital marketing is all about online skills and right strategies to market and to sell products and services online. 

So, who can be a Digital Marketer?

A college graduate with basic proficiency in English. Yes, I know English proficiency and college degree is not a must to be an online marketer but, having them would be an added advantage as communication and basic education would only be helpful for an employee as he/she should be a team player to succeed in life.

If you are only interested in working for yourself with Affiliate marketing or Freelancing, you don’t need these minimum requirements that I have mentioned above.

What jobs are available in Digital Marketing?

To name a few:

1)Search Manager/SEO Manager

2)PPC Manager/SEM Manager

3)Digital Marketing Executive/Manager

4)Content Writer/Curator

5)Email Marketing Executive/Manager

6)Analytics Executive/Manager

7)Social Media Executive/Manager

8)Ad trafficker

9)Growth Hacker  

These are just some of the common job titles assigned to digital managers based on their areas of specifications. 

Which is the best institute to do Digital Marketing?

There are so many institutes that offer their own courses for budding marketers. It’s often to see students getting confused on choosing the right institute. Looking up the online reviews, comparing the course modules and personally visiting the institute and taking a demo class from a full-time faculty etc. are some methods to measure the quality of an educational institute in Digital marketing. Streamlyn Academy is one of the best digital marketing institutes in Bangalore from what we have observed as they have an office full of digital marketers working at the office and some of those experienced marketers are the ones who are taking classes for the students. And the placement records so far keeps them miles in front of other institutes. But if you would ask me, doing your own research from your end would be the best solution to short list an institute for your education. 


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