Thursday, May 13, 2021

Femininity over machiavellian nature of politics for resolving Kashmir issue?

India is surely missing out on the opportunities to solve the Kashmir issue for more than 60 years now, causing tens of thousands of...

“Kodaikanal Still Won’t”: What Unilever Should Know

It was in October 2016 when I first saw Sofia Ashraf at the Josh Talks LEAP in Delhi. When Ashraf walked on to the...

Panama Papers: Hidden secrets and unlawful shams

What happens when not a hundred, not thousand but more than 10 million documents detailing the nefarious activities of the rich and the powerful...

Is Indian Baby care market quality deprived?

Traditionally, India has always been a price sensitive market but with the advancement of technology and penetration of 4g, the Indian Consumer has started...
Mr. Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe

Re-educating people on sanitation & hygiene: Focusing on cleaner and better India

India has made steady economic progress since independence and has been witness to the emergence of untold wealth in the past few decades. Yet,...

G7 Summit 2018 : What’s the hullabaloo about?

Donald Trump is one leader who knows how to stay in news, even if it is for all the wrong reasons. The recently concluded...

Depression is a disease and it is time we treat it like one

If you have been reading the news this past week, you might have heard about the unfortunate demise of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade....

Denmark’s Burqa Ban : How it impacts the world?

Denmark on Thursday passed a law with a 75-30 majority and 74 abstentions banning the covering of faces in public. Although it has been officially...

Sensationalism in Media : How it leads to losing credibility of Indian Media?

Why the Media and Sensationalism go hand in hand.
world environment day

World Environment Day 2018 : A dismal contradiction?

On the World Environment Day this year, the city of Tuticorin reverberates with the cries of families of the ones whose voices have been...