Irish Abortion Referendum: The Indian Connection

If the island of forests and myth is the world’s fading dream, the land of magic and wonders is the beat of its heart....

With BJP’s growing dominance, can opposition bounce back in 2019 elections

With the growing dominance of BJP, read an analysis on whether or not, the opposition has a chance to bounce back in 2019 general elections.
Mr. Vikas Bagaria, Founder, Pee Safe

Re-educating people on sanitation & hygiene: Focusing on cleaner and better India

India has made steady economic progress since independence and has been witness to the emergence of untold wealth in the past few decades. Yet,...

“Kodaikanal Still Won’t”: What Unilever Should Know

It was in October 2016 when I first saw Sofia Ashraf at the Josh Talks LEAP in Delhi. When Ashraf walked on to the...
Narendra Modi demonetisation

How BJP turned “flop demonetisation” in its ultimate gain

A detailed analysis on how BJP used 'flop demonetization' as a weapon to strengthen its position among the poor voters.

Depression is a disease and it is time we treat it like one

If you have been reading the news this past week, you might have heard about the unfortunate demise of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade....

Exclusive interview: Yogi Adityanath completes 6 months as CM of Uttar Pradesh

Yogi Adityanath will complete 6 months as the CM of Uttar Pradesh, he lists down the achievements of his government under his rule till now.

Probable faces of Congress / opposition in 2019 elections

Ever since Nitish Kumar joined NDA, UPA is without a face for the 2019 elections. Rishi Sankhla here talks of probable faces of UPA in 2019

Gyan Vihar Co-Educational English Medium School, Jaipur – Admissions, Fee structure, Facilities

Name: Gyan Vihar Co-Educational English Medium School Address: D – Block, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur PIN: 302017  Contact No.: (0141) 6450387, 6450388 Email:    [email protected]                    [email protected] Website: ABOUT SCHOOL Gyan Vihar...

Rohingya Issue : What should be India’s call?

The Rohingya refugees or rather be called the refugees, normal people like any other human, are wandering from place to place in search of...