Sustainable Philanthropy to back an opportunity deprived India

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I cherish a profound sentiment towards cars, bikes, speedboats, planes and almost all modes of transportation and writing about it is an avenue that helps me redeem myself.

We live in an age where charity is a matter of more than something you would do for moral or virtuous reasons. Now, charity is driven by several motives both good and bad. Whatever the reason behind it, the trend of giving is proving itself to be a contagious one and it is a deed beneficial to the society. In an economy like India, where the concentration of wealth among the upper class is so dense and the gap between the rich and the poor is so wide, charity can now be discerned as a way to democratize the economy.

Addressing why the Indian economy endures a lavish share of poverty, it is not because of the folks lacking talent or having a dormant attitude as the economists blame, it is in my view due to the privation of opportunity and this bias spans all the strata of the society. The faction of people who are deprived jobs, the faction that is invariably driven into low paying jobs and the faction that is struggling to be an entrepreneur, every person is deprived of an empowering platform to showcase their talent and skill. Opportunity is available today at a price and the highest bidder gets it irrespective of the merit. This unfortunate scenario is damaging the very fabric of “civilization and society”. To counter this phenomenon before it damages the anatomy of India beyond repair, charity can be used as a tool.

The stereotypical idea of charity that is perceived at large is, donating money or other necessities to alleviate immediate misery. The idea of charity has to evolve, sustainable philanthropy is the next revelation in charity. An entrepreneurial perspective in charity is now more relevant to the necessity of democratization of the economy. A charity which is an investment, which can sustain itself and create the much-needed opportunities.

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