17 colleges of DU approve 1% concession to female students; more colleges to join the row

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DU (Delhi University) has given approval to some of its prominent colleges to give 1% concession to its female students for some subjects.

17 colleges of DU have accepted these ordinance. Dayal Singh College is to provide concession in 22 courses while Shivaji College will be providing in 19 courses.

Dayal Singh College’s Principal, S. Bakhshi stated on talking about the step stated, “The intention to pass this rule to encourage girl students to acquire knowledge in different courses being offered in DU.” He said further that there is an inequality in the no. of boys and girls students in the colleges. The concession is being provided only because to fill such gap in the gender inequality.

Bakshi told Navbharat Times that usually colleges give the concession only in the subjects that are not popular among girls but we are to give them relaxation many known courses so that maximum no. of girls can take admission. When the no. of girls in our college will reach atleast 50% then we might re-think on our decision.

Principal of Shivaji college, Shishi Nijhavan told that our college is going to give 1% concession in 19 courses. He stated, “Before the year 2010 we use to give 3% relaxation to the girls but soon after the change in the university curriculum we are to give only 1% concession to the girls.

Nijhavan told that with these kind of concessions the girls belonging from village societies or remote areas get an opportunity to come forward and society’s thinking changes.

According to Sukanto Dutta, DU Officer on Special Duty (OSD)  admission, “To encourage the girls in the field of studies this kind of step is a must.”

Last year 28 colleges of DU gave 1% concession to the girl students and this year till now 17 colleges have done so. Dutta said, in the upcoming week expectedly more colleges will be approving the concession. The other officials from the university told that few of the DU colleges already meet the 50% static of girl students hence, these colleges might not appreciate the concession.


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