4 Crore students to get digital devices, says HRD Ministry

The Human Resource Development Ministry stated to spend Rs 60,000 crore over five years in providing digital devices to 4 crore students of higher education across India. This will help them in learning during the pandemic times.

The Ministry made this announcement in a presentation to the 15th Finance Commission Monday. The meeting took place to address the education in the time of Covid-19.

The department of higher education stated to provide digital access such as laptops and tablet computers to almost 40% of the students who enrol the colleges by 2025-2026. In 2021-2022 the ministry plans to give access to around 1.5 crore students and then to 55 lakh students in the following year. They will cover around 61 lakh students in 2023-24, 67 lakh in 2024-25 and 73 lakh in 2025-26. The average cost per device is set around Rs 15,000.

In that 60,000 crore the union government proposed to share Rs 36,473 crore and the rest is to shared by the state governments.

Though the students will return to the classroom in a few days, the situation will cease to be normal what was sought before. Hence, more amount of online learning will take place. For these to happen without any discrepancies, the students should be equipped with the adequate devices. In addition to that, Rs 2,306 crore has been allotted to develop educational courses for the ministry’s educational channel (SWAYAM Prabha) and MOOCs platform till 2025-26.


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