89% students willing to pay subscription fee for education apps: Mobile EdTech Report

89% prefer education apps

Gray Matters Capital, an impact investor had released¬†a report titled ‘Efficacy of Mobile EdTech in India: Mapping User Engagement to Learning Outcomes’ on December 14, GMC focused on investing in enterprises working to improve access to affordable quality education and employability in India. It concluded that 89 percent of users in India are willing to pay for education apps.

The report was based on the hands-on work done by the GMC and the mentors of its Mobile EdTech Accelerator program for Education and Skilling enterprises with Mobile Solutions.

User testing was done with over 2,000 users and insights were taken from 42 education entrepreneurs.

Ragini Chaudhary CEO INDIA GMC spoke at the launch of the report “At GMC Calibrator, we work for 6 months with companies across the Education-Employability spectrum who are trying to bring improved learning outcomes and employment opportunities using both offline solutions along with digital mediums and mobile devices. Our hypothesis was that if we could help them focus on just three things – improve the user engagement, help enhance monetization and ensure optimization of the performance, we could pave the way for more scale.” She added, “This report helps us get perspectives of entrepreneurs and users, so as to help us with insights to calibrate the EdTech solutions.

Debleena Majumdar, Director -Research and Growth, Gray Matters Capital, said, “The GMC Calibrator was launched with an objective to promote ‘Self Learning to Self Earning’. Traditional viewpoint says that only the ones categorized as the self-motivated learners can benefit from mobile self-learning. We believe the ones categorized as ‘those who need a nudge’ above can also engage with mobile self-learning to earning opportunities, given the right inputs and motivation. And that starts with a behavioral understanding of users. This report encapsulates these learnings of the last six months.”

The survey revealed that relevance and ease of use were important to the users. Only 11.3% indicated their preference for free apps. Students in the age group of 18-25 years, 85% of them preparing for competitive exams are largely seen willing to pay 100-250 per month for coaching apps.

Out of the parents surveyed, 50 percent were ready to spend more than Rs 250 per, while the others could pay Rs 100-250 per month.

While for younger children, parents are actively looking out for resources that could improve academic learning of their children.


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