AAP plans opening 75 language institutions to promote Sanskrit

On July 26, the capital-ruling Aam Aadmi Party announced that 75 new learning centres of Sanskrit will be launched so as to promote and impart the beautiful essence of the ancient language among Delhites. The Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia notified that these centres will be carrying out 3-month certificate courses in the Sanskrit language.

A committee has been set up by the government which will be designing the course in a time period of a month. The course will hold 2 hours thrice a week. The aim of this undertaking is to make the language popular and make all learn it thoroughly so as to use in places other than only worshiping in temples. He did mention that Sanskrit is already taught in schools, however it only teaches the technical and grammar and safely leave out the aesthetics it carries.

Sisodia at a press conference says, “The course will focus more on the practical knowledge of the language which is connected with day to day life. Almost all households worship and conduct rituals, but blindly follow what the priest conducts without understanding their relevance as all language evolve scientifically.” Also heading the Arts and Culture department, Sisodia conveyed that the department’s Sanskrit academy will offer the course at a nominal fee for the natives of Delhi.

The Deputy CM said, “Sanskrit isn’t just a language, it is ‘alive’ and continues to be ‘relevant today’.” He continued, “People can study and understand Sanskrit in their daily lives — the one used in religious purposes or culture. This will be a three-month course for common people.”

Up until now, the government has already set a foot ahead to promote Hindi and other regional languages as it has put forth much financial assistance for opening up of literary clubs in the city. Moreover, the Kejriwal-led government has also come up with a prospect to piece together ‘Sahitya Charcha Clubs’ across the national capital in pursuit to promote literature.

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