Thu. May 23rd, 2024

The renowned E-commerce company, Amazon India has launched an integrated program for engineering students in Machine Learning (ML) and applied skills. The program is named as ML summer school which is introduced with an aim to introduce indian students with the modern technology of machine learning and its applications.

Machine learning is a consistently growing sector with increase in demand of professionals with advanced and specific skill set to meet the demands of various industries. The program introduced by amazon will craft students with such ML skills which will make their career future ready in the modern technological world.

The ML Summer School is a 3 day course. Amazon India has developed a comprehensive curriculum in order to cover all the fundamental concepts of machine learning while integrating them with practical applications in the industry. According to Amazon, it will be an immersive learning experience enriched with ML knowledge.

As the course will proceed further, students will be introduced to advanced machine learning tools and techniques such as deep learning and Probabilistic Graphical Models. Amazon has added a slight touch of the E-commerce sector to the curriculum by adding concepts like search ranking, product recommendation, online advertising and others.

The program is available for engineering students who are currently in their final or pre-final year of bachelors, masters or PhD programs in the selected technology institutes of the country. This selected campuses includes a number of IITs, IIITs and three NITs. Other then this, IISC, BHU, BIT and Anna university are also included.

Amazon will shortlist a number of students from this selected institutes for the first batch of this program. The students will be trained by virtual classroom tutorials and will also get a chance to engage in interactive Q&A sessions with the experts at Amazon India where they will learn about the modern trends in the industry.

By Adarsh Bhawsar

A student, A Biotechnologist and A Music enthusiast. I write content over the recent developments in education sector of India.

One thought on “Amazon India launches integrated machine learning program for students”
  1. They’ve just launched the ML Summer School, an innovative program for engineering students to dive into the world of Machine Learning and applied skills. This initiative not only aligns with the booming demand for ML professionals in various industries but also perfectly complements Inoxoft’s commitment to cutting-edge technology. It’s fantastic to see such collaborations shaping the future-ready careers of young talents in the modern tech landscape.

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