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Artificial Intelligence is Most Googled Subject of 2019

Artificial Intelligence is 2019’s hottest subject: Coursera

When we see Artificial Intelligence in movies like I Robot, Terminator or Ghost in the Shell, who are imbibed with the emotional and physical attributes like humans, we cannot stop fancying what could be the future possibilities. As of 2019, Artificial Intelligence is the most googled subject as it is believed to be the key to the technological advancement with humans going obsolete and machines taking the active part in the functioning of the world.

Artificial Intelligence (AI), the intelligence in the robots that can make anyone wonder the era of Machines is near. To understand such a concept, institutions have started short term and long term courses appealing to the rise in demands and curiosity.

UAE (United Arab Emirates) started the first Artificial Intelligence University last month due to an escalating increase in the demand across the globe about AI courses.

Hanson Robotics, Hong Kong is among the Robot companies which gave us a glimpse of real AI by presenting Robot Sophia in 2016. She is a sophisticated Humanoid robot with advanced neutral network and motor controls that allow her to talk and imitate social human emotions. She talks and expresses emotions like humans; watch her interviews you will know. She is just a prototype of what’s in the store.

The craze for AI started with movies and has now spread across like a virus starting with our mobile applications that operate on AI like Google Maps, Ridesharing Apps like Uber and more.

Some believe AI can result in the extinction of the human race while some regard it as a helping hand. It is the future that will tell us what we want to be – A human or A robot or just an AI.

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