Ashoka University gets a founding director in Arvind Subramanian for its Centre for Economic Policy

The former Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian is set to join the Ashoka University as the professor in the department of economics. The university said in a statement that he will take his role as a professor from July 2020.

Mr Arvind Subramanian is presently working as a visiting lecturer at the Harvard Kennedy School.

In addition to that, Mr Arvind Subramanian will also be the founding director of the new Ashoka Centre for Economic Policy. This shall be dedicated to the research and development on the policy issues related to India and global development.

He was appointed as the Chief Economic Adviser on October 16, 2014. He was given a period of three years and was further extended in 2017. But he had quit his job with close to one year of his tenure. He then returned to US. His official contract was until May 2019.


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