BMC need to pay Rs. 20,000 to receive affiliation: MIEB

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A month ago MIEB (Maharashtra International Education Board) had provided affiliation to 75 schools of Maharashtra state. Though, 72 BMC (Brihanmumbai Municipal Council) schools didn’t get the affiliation then and were in await list.

According to the recent declaration, in the current structure set, a BMC school, in order to become a part of MIEB, is required to pay-

  • Rs. 20,000 as affiliation fee (for 3 years)
  • Rs. 10,000 for annual quality maintenance audits
  • Rs. 25,000 per teacher for their training every year

Though, earlier around 4 months ago, after the introduction of this international board, BMC committee had asked the MIEB members to waive the affiliation and teacher’s training fee but the board refused to do so. The committee then back out from the queue to get affiliation.

BMC education officer said,”Schools run by the civic body would not take affiliation from MIEB.”

According to the board, waiving the amount of affiliation fee for anyone is against the MIEB rules.

“The schools have to give consent to the fee structure before evaluation is conducted to grant them provisional affiliation. As per rules, we are charging municipal corporations, private aided and self financed schools. Zilla Parishad and municipal council schools are not being charged said, Francis Joseph head of Development and Strategy, MIEB.

Maharashtra International Education Board (MIEB) 

January, 2018 Government of Maharashtra announced to introduce a fresh international board in the state. The board was established because the state only had a single board Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE).

The MSBSHSE was fully responsible to conduct the examinations and rested the Maharashtra educational system wholly in its hand. Hence, to bring in a board that is separate from existing, the international board was introduced.

13 schools of Zilla Parishad had already received affiliation from the the Maharashtra International Board. At present total 81 schools have got the affiliation, out of them 59 are Zilla Parishad schools and other are private-aided schools.


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