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Career Prospects After MBA in Aviation Management

The aviation sector in India is growing at a tremendous rate, with the country being connected even more efficiently for the masses. This growth has come about due to the improvement of the middle class and more people indulging in leisure travel; earlier only the upper-class people were seen traveling.

If you are someone who has an undying fascination for aircrafts and have managerial skills, then an MBA in aviation management is for you. An aviation management degree is a specialization that stands out amongst many others. With this course, students are equipped with skills such as leadership, problem-solving, critical, and analytical thinking that would help them face challenges of this ever-growing industry.

As mentioned above, the aviation industry in India is growing at a rapid rate, this means that employment opportunities are bound to increase. Aviation management allures youngsters as it has lucrative career options and is well-paid industry. Some of the top recruiters include DRDO, Airport Authority of India, Air Force, Federal Aviation Administration, and many more; with such great opportunities, this course becomes exceptionally sought-after.

Career Prospects with MBA in Aviation Management

Airport Manager

With an MBA in Aviation Management, you could be responsible for safety and operations at an airplane terminal. You could be managing a national, international or even a little rustic airplane terminal as an airport manager. This position is available in both private and government-run airports. You will have to ensure that the airport functions in given rules and regulations, if not, you’ll have to use your problem-solving skills to do the necessary.  

Airport Traffic Controller

This position plays a significant role in ensuring that the airport schedules line up without any complications. Some of the primary responsibilities of an airport traffic controller involve monitoring the movement of an airplane while on ground and air, instructing pilots for takeoffs and landing, ensure no traffic on ground and more. These responsibilities are fulfilled using radars, computers, and visual references; it is a hectic job but highly rewarding one as well.  

Airport Staff Manager

With an MBA in aviation management, you will gain skill sets that will enable you to resolve any issue that arises with the aviation faculty or staff. Along with problem resolutions, you’d also be expected to administer business operations and carry out schedules in compliance with the policies, laws and regulations of the aviation industry.  It is not only an important job, but you will also be compensated fairly for it.

Airport Security Manager

The role of an airport security manager is to make rounds and ensure that the employees comply with the health and safety laws. In the case of a health hazard or breach of safety, you should immediately take actions to rectify it. As an airport security manager, you are required to have inquisitiveness, managerial, and communication skills. Your goal with this position is to ensure that it is a healthy and safe workplace for employees and customers.

Aviation Faculty

As an MBA graduate, you can also take up teaching as a viable option as a career field. You can work with flight schools and aspiring aviation aspirants to teach them the skills that you have inherited. You can also work as a counselor to help guide students that are interested in this field to study or work in. This is a fruitful career field to pursue if you are keen to be an educator.

An Aviation Management Degree with an MBA proves to be a fruitful subject to pursue as it is extremely promising. As aviation is growing not only in India but also the world, employment opportunities are plenty for aviation professionals that are skilled enough to face challenges of this industry. It becomes essential that you pursue your degree only from a university that promises to turn you into the best aviation professional, one such university is UPES. This university has been awarded by the IATA authorized partner certification making it one of the top institutions to provide aviation education. The curriculum is taught by knowledgeable faculty, giving students not only theoretical but also practical knowledge through seminars, industrial visits, group discussions, and much more. With such exposure, you are bound to become successful aviation professional with your MBA in no time!

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