CBSE 2019: Uniform compulsory for regular candidates; light clothes allowed for private candidates

The Central Board of Secondary Education has notified the students that it is mandatory for the regular students to wear uniforms while appearing for the examination at the center allocated, while the private candidates are allowed to arrive in their light clothes.

CBSE spokesperson Rama Sharma said, “The private candidates will only be allowed in the examination center in light clothes. The measures have been taken to prevent cheating as earlier incidents of carrying cheats inside the examination center reported to the board. The regular candidates have to come in their school uniform only.” “The instructions regarding the following have been mentioned in the admit card,” mentioned CBSE spokesperson.

With the circular issued, CBSE has also notified that students cannot bring old question papers to the exam center along with them, also for reaching the center o time, the students are provided with exam center app locator where the venue can be located easily. The students have to reach the examination center by 10 am.

Few more important instruction are:

Internal choice: The students are notified that this year, there will be 33% more internal choices in the question paper, also special consideration will be given to creative answers.

The students are instructed to bring their hall ticket to the exam center because according to the circulars, no one will be allowed to appear for the examination if the student does not carry their hall ticket.

This year, it has been informed that the students will be divided into a batch of 24 students in each classroom.

It has been reported over 31 lakh students will be appearing for both Class 10 and 12 Board examination. 12.5 lakh is the number for Class 12 students, and 18.5 lakh is the number of Class 10 students.


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