CBSE acquires TETRA software for fair conduction of examinations

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The Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) has acquired Theory Evaluation Trend Analysis (TETRA) software to implement fair conduction of examination throughout all the centers. It is designed for the students who are felt to be punished due to high-level difficulty in the question papers, a senior official informed.

He added CBSE started using the software, which was designed by their own team last year for analyzing the trend of marks scored by the students all across the centers in the country.

The Software is responsible for displaying the live trend of the average marks scored by the students across the country, also this software will help to moderate marks in case there is any unfair practice during the examination identified.

“We analyze the trend of marks being obtained by students across the regions and centers. Whenever we spot any deviation from the norm, we call up that center and probe if there were complaints about the question paper,” a senior CBSE official told IANS on condition of anonymity.

“We look for complaints regarding any ambiguity or difficulty in the question paper. A team then sees if and how much moderation is needed to account for these difficulties,” the official added.

Another official announced that the matter regarding the moderation of marks is not concerned with the board and is only applied under necessary circumstances, he also compared the software with CCTV cameras which is used to monitor the examination.
CBSE was reported to be implementing TETRA software last year when the Maths exam for Xth and Economics exam for XII were leaked. After the analyzation using TETRA, it was reported that the trend for the marks scored by Xth students appearing for the re-conduction of the Maths exam did not portray much of a change.
Since then, the Board was reported to fortify its exam system but refused to leak any details of the changes brought by them.
He also informed that the Board examination that was reported to be conducted early this year due to elections is false statements and the examinations have nothing to do with elections.

“We are conducting exams a little early this year at the instruction of the Delhi High Court, which had said that the schools results should coincide with the Delhi University admission. To that effect, the results also this year will be announced early in May,” the official said.


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