CBSE Board Exams : Section 144 around exam centres to curb cheating in boards


The city organization has issued strict headings to check duping amid board exams that began on Monday.

Vinay Pratap Singh, the agent chief of Gurgaon, said that Section 144 has been implemented in the city to control duping and different misbehaviors and he has requested that no individual will be permitted to work photocopy machine, fax or the web inside 200 meters of the exam focuses over the locale. He additionally coordinated that no individual will be permitted to utilize sound creating instruments in a 200-yard region around an exam focus.

To control conning in the country zones, the locale organization has requested that the panchayats receive comparative measures and furthermore spread mindfulness among the understudies to guarantee that this training is ceased.

These measures have been taken in the light of an ascent in the quantity of duping cases in Gurgaon, the authorities said.

Likewise, the DC has kept in touch with the chief of police looking for an organization of police staff close to the exam focuses to guarantee lawfulness and keep away from interruption and aggravation by hostile to social components in and around the examination focuses.

The Haryana board examination will be held from March 7 to April 8. A strict vigil will be kept at all focuses to guarantee smooth lead of the eams. No hopeful will be permitted into the examination focus without a lobby ticket.

The CBSE Class 12 board exams began on Monday and will be held till April 13, the authorities said.

Singh said that the sum total of what partners have been requested to set up measures to check duplicating.

The choice to boycott photocopy machines was taken as a preventive measure, considering past records of understudies and hostile to social components who circle photocopies of question papers and answer sheets before the exams.

“We need to lead a reasonable and straightforward examination and the board has arranged distinctive arrangements of question papers for the understudies. The request of inquiries for understudies sitting in front and at the back of the exam focuses or to left and right of the corridor will be extraordinary. This will shield the examinees from duping. Aside from this, cell phones, number cruncher, pager or some other electronic gadgets won’t be permitted inside the examination corridor,” Prem Lata, region training officer(DEO), said.