CBSE clarifies revaluation stats; 7% students got marks increased

Earlier, reports suggested that 50% of class 12th CBSE students who asked for revaluation got more marks. Contrary to this the Centre Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) said in an official statement “the reports do not withhold the scrutiny of any facts. Out of these 66,876 re-evaluation applications, there were changes in marks in 4632 cases, which is 6.9% of the total”

According to the Board, out of around 1.5 crore answer copies (of 28 lakhs candidates of class 10 and 12 Board), over 61 lakh copies were from Class 12. Further, the Board stated, “Of these, there were 66.876 applications for the first stage verification process. Hence overall, out of about 61 lakh copies, marks changed in case of only 0.075 % cases.

Therefore, these news reports are completely misleading and have twisted the facts,”
About the reports of a new topper, the Board also said that the story is totally baseless and factually incorrect. “However,” a Board statement said, “it is important to clarify that the Board only declares highest marks and does not declare any state topper or ranks as a policy. After re-evaluation, the candidate has scored 485 as her total marks as compared to 499 marks which are the highest scored by a candidate? Therefore, there is no change in the status of the candidates declared earlier by the CBSE”.


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