CBSE Class 12 Physics Paper: Analysis, Review; Students demand leniency during evaluation

By Hindustan Times

The Central Board of Secondary Education conducted Class 12 Physics Paper on March 5, 2019, which was considered very difficult by the students who appeared for the examination. Due to extreme difficulty witnessed, the students have demanded leniency during the evaluation of the examination. Students and teachers also demanded a reconduct of the examination.

The CBSE school management association of Tamil Nadu and Kerala decided to write a letter to CBSE chairperson, demanding leniency during evaluation.

“The Physics paper was the toughest among all the regions in the southern zone, the Chennai and the Kerala Management Association will send a letter after a proper review of question papers from students and teachers. The letter will be sent to CBSE chairperson soon demanding a lenient checking of question papers,” Ibrahim Khan, president, Kerala CBSE school’s Management Association told.

Gulfam Ahmed, Head of the Physics Department, Vidyagyan Leadership Academy, UP, said, “The Physics paper was not for the average students. Every question asked for an explanation, and you cannot just answer the question simply.”

“The question numbers 6, 11, 15, 18 and 22 were very long as the students have to answer the questions with examples,” he said.

The students also tweeted demanding the same requests. Also, it was observed that a campaign has been started namely

“#cbsephysics.. please re-conduct the paper of physics..if CBSE can’t conduct the paper again then plz don’t divide the mark’s chapter-wise next time…coz CBSE has lost the ability to properly distribute marks in question paper!!!,” Mahira Hasan Karim, another student, tweeted.

“Two similar ques in set 2 of Delhi paper. This shows that the sets were not at all balanced, set 1 was tougher than set 2 which was tougher than set 3. How can one possibly compare the results of the students?,” tweeted another student.


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