CBSE launches capacity building program for teachers to improve education level

CBSE is catering a lot of efforts this year in the favour of students, to enhance their key skills, prepare them for future and make them a wise human. Few moths ago, this year CBSE introduced AI as a subject in the CBSE affiliated schools. Now, the Board is all set to launch a ‘Capacity Building Programme,’ this academic year 2019-20. This augment will not be applicable solely on the students but the teachers will play the major role in developing the kids. Under this certain programme, a two day workshop will be organised in the schools for the teachers, every week to provide them ethical knowledge that can be further shared with the students in a positive context. Alongwith giving them workshops, they will be provided a teacher’s manual, which includes the topics such as understanding integrity, Kolhberg’s stages of moral development, and A-Z ethics.

The workshops are designed to train the teachers through role plays, anecdotes, approaching ethics and integrity through AV media and creating space for integrity in classrooms.

CBSE has asked the teachers to majorly teach five things to the students i.e:

  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • Trustworthiness
  • Honesty

The Board is constantly putting efforts to make the students be prepared for the upcoming challenges and with the ‘Capacity Building Programme’ teachers will teach the students more responsibly and meaningfully.


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