CBSE proposes Optional Value Education Programs for schools developed by Ramakrishna Mission

CBSE Proposes Optional Value Education Programme For Affiliated Schools

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) is a national level education board that monitors and controls all public and private schools through the NCERT curriculum, has proposed to its students with ‘armed with a decision-making framework for life’, an optional value education programs to its affiliated schools.

The ‘Awakened Citizen Program’ designed by Ramakrishna Mission, Delhi is a three-year graded ‘Value Education Program for students of classes VI to VIII or VII to IX with an aim to help students analyze various explorations, role models and real-life situations.

A circular released by CBSE said, “Students think, discuss and discover the consequences of various choice and therefore get harmed with a decision making framework of life.”

The program is optional and schools interested in the ‘Awakened Citizen Program’ for their students can go to the official website for further details. The mission would provide training to the teachers and resource materials to the interested schools.

The CBSE Board said, “The program is free of cost, but schools interested have to provide 16 periods per year with a commitment of three years.”

The circular further said, “The program will require 2-days initial training of the teachers in the school. If interested, the schools can register with Ramakrishna Mission. The training will be held as per the convenience of the teachers.”

Ramakrishna Mission, commonly known as the Vedanta movement is a worldwide spiritual movement of the Hindu religion.


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