Controversy over making Dyal Singh day college spreads: Morning college principal claims not signing any deal

The faculty at Delhi University’s Dyal Singh morning and evening colleges have once again clashed with the wild rumors of the conversion of the evening college into a morning one. With DU’s executive council set to meet today, the principal of the morning college, I S Bakshi, has denied signing the agreement proposing and accepting the conversion.

On June 30, a staff meeting came down to a resolution to “prevent the bifurcation of the colleges into two morning college, on the same premises”. They also alleged that the agreement, signed by the two principals on January 24, and sent to the academic council (AC) on June 20 this year, was fraudulent.

“The principal of the day college has categorically denied of having signed any such document. This is a serious… attempt to fraudulently mislead the AC,” the resolution said.

A request has been sent to the VC by the staff council to not take cognizance of the January 24 document and conduct an enquiry. However, the evening college has asked Bakshi to lodge an FIR if the documents are false. “It is appalling that the principal is implying that his signature was forged. If so, we request them to approach police,” Bhawana Pandey, evening college spokes-person said.