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Coursera offering Discounts on Ambedkar Jayanti to sustain and prosper His Dream of Universal Learning

“Be educated, be organized and be agitated”, having said this, Ambedkar professed his belief in Education to be a biggest movement in itself.

He proceeded on to say that if Education does not fulfil its objectives, it serves to be a useless tool.

True education can cradle entire humanity, generating their sources of livelihood, imparting wisdom and above all offering egalitarian solutions to the worst problems of a society.

Ambedkar was an alert and dynamic thinker, whose ideas were way ahead of his time.
Due to prevailing social conditions at the time, he struggled to achieve even the most fundamental human right: The Right to Education, that has been later guaranteed in the Indian Constitution, his penultimate gift to Indians and Humanity.

With his spark to learn, He became the first Indian to pursue Economics Doctorate, PhD and even double Doctorate from Abroad. In brief 3 years at Columbia University, he took 29 courses in Economics, 11 in History, 6 in Sociology, 5 in Philosophy, 4 in Anthropology and 3 in Politics apart from a few others.

In total, Ambedkar was a Master of 64 subjects and spoke in 9 languages. Knowledge, therefore knew no bounds for him.

His credentials as an independent thinker were highlighted through his articles, books, magazines and newspapers that he published. His books “The Problem of Rupee”, “Provincial Finance in British India”, “Annihilation of Caste” and “Who were the Shudras” are among the few best illuminating works, freeing every soul from the clutches of intimidating societies around the World.

Ambedkar was already a highly revered jurist, political thinker and social reformer, of rare intellect when he got the responsibility of drafting a Constitution for an infant Republic, divided in depth but united by spirit. He became India’s first law minister, igniting a million hearts across the Nation.

For the ones walking towards their emancipation, Ambedkar Jayanti can be that special day to realize one’s potential to gain knowledge, at every age, every stage as he believed in Cultivation of mind to be the ultimate aim of human existence.

Coursera in the revival of Ambedkar’s dream:

Coursera has constantly worked to impart this natural Human right to Education, without any discrimination or difficulty, to every soul that yearns for knowledge across the Globe.

Babasaheb Ambedkar elucidated the power and influence of learning throughout his life and worked incessantly to sprout the greatest minds and souls.

Inspired by such an avid learner and a man of varied interests, Coursera has pioneered to provide learning platforms in variety of Disciplines, allowing Students to explore and mould their respective futures in innumerable ways they want.

Thereby, offering valuable discounts for various courses inviting all to experience the guiding light of Knowledge on this day.

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