‘Creative answers’ to be given consideration in CBSE Board Examinations this year

The Central Board of Secondary Education issued a notice stating that proper consideration will be given to ‘creative answers’ written by the children during the Board Examination for Classes 10th and 12th, to be conducted from next week.

CBSE spokesperson, Rama Sharma said that this move will enhance the writing skills of children. “Students are habitual of writing answers as written in the textbooks. It is important that they develop their own style of writing and not mere reproduce what the books say. Thus, we have issued instructions to give consideration to students who adopt their own writing style.”

“As long as a student writes the correct answer, their mode of expression or language should be considered. This would help them to focus more on concepts and promote innovation, expression and conceptual learning,” she added.

It has been noticed that students are hesitated to write answers in their own way. For this, the teachers and invigilators are trained.

The board informed, “The training sessions have been going on since a year now. We have noted the feedback, based on which further instructions and training has been given to teachers, principals and other stakeholders who would be evaluating the board exams.”

For their aim of conducting an error-free examination system, CBSE organized a webinar where three lakh students and teachers participated.

CBSE spokesperson said, “Security, evaluation, error-free, and a timely result, it is all connect and we have been holding training sessions since last year to achieve the same.”

The Board has been reported to adopt strict security measures for not having repeated the previous year massacre. The CBSE also launched a center locator app for helping children to access the exact location and reach on time. Apart from that CBSE launched geo-tagged time-based tracking and monitoring of confidential materials, live web streaming from exam centers.

Not just that, CBSE also launched TETRA software for real-time evaluation monitoring and to analyze trends and scoring patterns of students residing in different regions of the country.


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