Delhi govt all set to launch 12 regional language academies

In the pursuit of promoting the culture and tradition of other “respective regions”, the Delhi government has now announced that they will create 12 regional language academies, after approaching promotion of Hind and Sanskrit in a similar way.

The languages covered under the Delhi government’s Art, Culture and Languages Department are — Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Odia, Assamese, Garhwali, Kumaoni, Jaunsari, Kashmiri and Marwari.

As per the officials, the Deputy CM Manish Sisodia wishes all of these academies be established in the national capital. In an official order, Sisodia said, “Since Delhi is the national capital, people from all parts of the country live and work here. It is this diversity that forms Delhi’s vibrant and cosmopolitan culture.” He continues,  “I have found that language academies play an important role in not only promoting the languages of different parts of the county, but also the culture and tradition of different regions,” he added.

In it’s budget, the AAP-government in Delhi announced that it would set up multiple academies. Recently, at a press conference, the newly appointed minister for the department, Sisodia, said that he had been reviewing the arts and culture department since taking charge and “realised that the approach towards languages needed to be changed extensively”.

In a similar fashion, on July 26, the party announced that 75 new learning centres of Sanskrit will be launched so as to promote and impart the beautiful essence of the ancient language among Delhites. The Deputy CM notified that these centres will be carrying out 3-month certificate courses in the Sanskrit language.

The Delhi government is really putting up a good example at plunging with full power to promote regional and ancients Indian languages and the HRD is also walking parallel to them. With what seems like a wonderful approach, hope is there that the initiative’s catapult will not cut the range mid-way and will succeed in the most generous sense.

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