Sun. Mar 3rd, 2024
Delhi University renames ‘Mughal Garden’ as Gautam Buddha Centenary Garden

After renaming the Mughal Garden located at Rashtrapati Bhavan in the capital, the name of the Mughal Garden located on the North Campus of Delhi University (DU) has also been changed. Its name has been changed to Gautam Buddha Centenary Garden.

This garden is located in front of the Vice Chancellor’s Office Vice-Regal Lodge. A senior university official said about the timing of the renaming of the garden that the university is going to host a flower show in March. The name change was considered even before the brochures and pamphlets for the flower show were prepared.

This garden was neither built by the Mughals nor does it have any Mughal design.  While the statue of Gautam Buddha has been installed for the last 15 years. Therefore, around January 12, the Garden Committee had recommended the Vice-Chancellor to change the name of the garden.  After a long discussion with the garden committee, the university administration approved the renaming of the garden on 27 January.

After getting the approval, DU Registrar Dr. Vikas Gupta has also issued a notification regarding this.  An official said that it is a mere coincidence that when the name of the garden at Rashtrapati Bhavan was changed, then the name of the garden of DU was also changed. It is notable that the name of the Mughal Garden at Rashtrapati Bhavan has been changed to Amrit Garden on Saturday itself.

An official of the garden committee said that the Mughal garden is based on the Persian architectural design. Which consists of canals and bridges as well as fountains and waterfalls. Mughal gardens also have distinctive designs with a pond, flowing water and two cones of fountain on either side. There are also fruit and flower trees. These features are seen in the Mughal gardens built at the Taj Mahal and other places. There is nothing like this in this garden.

This park is situated in front of the Vice Chancellor’s Office of DU.  The building used to be the residence of the Viceroy of India during the British period. In the year 1933 this building was allotted to Delhi University.  Which was made the office of DU Vice Chancellor. This building was built by the British. This garden was also established by the British at the same time. Bhagat Singh was also kept imprisoned by the British in a basement built under the Vice-Chancellor’s office.

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