Delhi University: Ruckus at Dyal Singh again, bifurcation this time

On July 19, yet another trouble knocked at the DU‘s Dyal Singh (Morning) College and Dyal Singh (Evening) College. This Wednesday, students from both the colleges clashed over bifurcation of the campus as a result of the evening college’s conversion. Even teacher of the morning college complained about the bifurcation in a Governing Body meeting held at the college on the same day.

The teacher representatives present at the meeting ensured that the Chairman has promised that evening college classes wouldn’t be held in the morning in the current session. However, DSC (Evening) principal declared that the classes would begin within minutes of the Executive Council (EC) meeting – giving the final approval for conversion  – reach the college, which could be as soon as the next week.

There are some students and teachers who admit that they’re experiencing harsh behavior by those supporting the conversion. One of the teacher representatives to attend the meeting, Sachin Nirmala Narayana says, “The Chairman has assured us that all rules will be followed and that they were waiting for a go ahead from the university. He told us that DSC (Evening) wouldn’t hold its classes in the morning in this session. If they try to start classes right now, there will be absolute chaos and students will be the ultimate losers.”

He pointed out that DSC is lacking funds and resources for bifurcation and such a step might get the colleges dragged in a legal situation.

Another representative teacher, Naveen Gaur, experienced rude behavior on part of students and teachers alike and entered the meeting venue after a lot of struggling. He conveyed, “He told us it was a misconception that the evening college would start classes in the morning. We were told that all issues relating to infrastructure would be put before the five member committee set up by the university which has been set up to oversee bifurcation.”

Gaur claims that it is not the conversion but the bifurcation that infuriated other teachers and students.

An English (hons) student, Swali Prakash protested, “Under CBCS we have so many classes but they can’t be held because we don’t have enough classrooms. We’re running out of porta cabins. The strength of DSC (morning) itself is 6,000 students. If 3,000 students of DSC (evening) also start studying with us, how will we have the space?”

Nevertheless, principal of DSC (evening), Pawan K Sharma said, “Our morning colleagues sad they welcome conversion and only wanted that the infrastructural development should be fast. We will still go ahead with bifurcation, and morning classes will also start soon. We’re just waiting for the EC meeting minutes to reach us which could be on Monday, and we’ll immediately begin classes in the morning.”

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