Education must be derived from culture, says Amit Shah

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To remove the “distortions” in the country’s current lifestyle, BJP president Amit Shah calls for keeping the nation’s education system on the same course as its cultural ethos. He mentions it when he calls dynasty politics, caste-ism and minority appeasement as “cankers” affecting the country.

“All distortions in our education system will be removed and the entire system of learning will further improve if we connect it with our core values, with our cultural ethos,” he advocated while talking at the launch of Syama Prasad Mookerjee’s book on the speeches of the party’s ideologue.

Shah titles Mookerjee as a “visionary leader” while putting much emphasis on the latter’s initiatives on education. Mookerjee tried making it distinct that the education system is connected with the basic fundamentals of our society and promotes natural talent and must be given enough aid and attention.”Mookerjee emphasized on these two points specifically so that education can become a mass movement in the early years of independence as the literacy rate was very low then,” said the BJP president.

It was Mookerjee who came up with the right wing nationalist party Bharatiya Jana Sangh, now evolved as the BJP. Shah further went on saying that the seed sown then by Mookerjee has become a “huge tree” today. He said,  “Mookerjee started the party with 10 members which now has a huge base of about 11 crore members.”

Elaborating that  caste-ism, minority appeasement and dynasty politics are the “cankers” which are affecting our country, the BJP pres says that the party is following Mookerjee’s principles to aid the nation work its way up to build the frame most efficient for the path of development, different from what other political outfits have offered up till now.

Arguing that “historians have not done justice with him”, Shah further glorified the BJP ideologue’s role in nation building. He said that it was thanks of Mookerjee that the entire Bengal did not become east Pakistan and later, Bangladesh, as he pushed for the partition of Bengal before independence.

Shah does not miss to mention that in case of Kashmir the mighty leader also led a mass movement to end the permit system for entering the northern state.

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