Engineering colleges demands 1 percent CTC


Bangalore has 21 engineering colleges which is highest in the world, given in any city. Bangalore University has 57 engineering colleges affiliated to it which is again the highest in the world. These facts don’t imply that Bangalore has the best of engineering colleges. The recent news is very surprising to the students. The reputed engineering colleges are demanding 1 percentage of the CTC from the students to avail the admission tickets before the semester exams.



The notice board holds the list of students who are placed along with their CTC and the 1 percent of amount which they are expected to pay to write their semester exams. This is such a brazen act from the Management to display the CTC publicly. The placement fees of Rs. 30,000 for 4 years have already been paid by the students which makes it more difficult for the parents to shell out the extra amount demanded at the crucial moment.

The major companies such as TCS, Infosys, Wipro, HP etc; had hired the students both on and off campus and the salary package is between 2 lakh to 7 lakh per annum. There were 100 students placed from a chunk of 700 students. The students wouldn’t have imagined that they would have to pay for their job, even before earning the salary. Some of the students have proceeded with 1 percent payment as they do not want to risk their career. Many of the students went against it and have raised a voice.


 This is a very serious issue and the colleges cannot play with the career of the students. Hoping for a better solution.


  1. Hey Pooja, thanks for bringing this out… This is actually quite a serious issue… Can you tell me which college is this? It’ll be quite good to know and make people aware about such colleges…


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