Engineering Students not Fit for Hiring : Dharmendra Pradhan

Dharmendra Pradhan, Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas and Minister for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship has said engineering students are not employable as they disconnect between the industry and education. “In India, education gives us knowledge but there is a missing link to educational institutions and various industries due to which compatibility is still an issue”

“We stress on quality manpower only when it comes to personal services not when it comes to employing workers in the industry. The flaw is in our mindset, we usually compromise on our work efficiency to save on cost. We need to address this behavioral pattern of the industry and star investing on youth”, the Minister said.

Earlier, a study by employability Assessment Company found out that 95 per cent of engineers in India were not fit for software development jobs. According to the McKinsey report, which said that just a quarter of engineers in India were actually employable India’s problem of substandard engineering education. Expect IIT and other prestige institutions, most of the engineering colleges were unable to provide jobs to the pass out students.

The report from All India Council for Techinal Education (AICTE), says that there would be 80,000 less seats in engineering from 2018 onwards. This will lead to around 3.1 lakh seats in four year. Surely, this would bring chaos in the engineering sector for the years to come.


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