Highlights on promises made for education sector in ‘Sankalp Patra,’ BJP Manifesto 2019

BJP Manifesto 'Sankalp Patra' Launched Today

Its been 5 days since Congress has released its Manifesto (Jan Ki Awaaz) on 3rd April, 2019 and today BJP has fledged the ‘Sankalp Patra’ as their election manifesto, 3 days before the commencement of first phase of 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

Both the parties have tried hard at their level best to lure the audience with different agendas to bag the votes in their favor. Many promises have been done in sectors of property, art&culture, medical aid etc. The parties have also promised to cater the benefits towards the education sector.

Congress, in its manifesto promised to spend 6% of the total GDP in the interest of education by the end of their tenure dissolve 2023-24. BJP has committed to award a little more though! Look out at the major points mentioned in the BJP manifesto to enhance the zone of education:

  • Establishment of 75 new medical and Post-Graduate colleges.
  • Aim to cover all the secondary schools under operation digital board.
  • Enable investment of Rs 1 lakh crore in higher education through Revitalising of Infrastructure and Systems in Education (RISE).
  • Work towards increasing the number of seats in premier management, engineering and law institutes.
  • Establish atleast one Atal Tinkering Lab in every block.
  • Under a new ‘Entrepreneurial Northeast’ scheme, financial support to MSMEs and employment generation in northeastern states will be provided.
  • Expansion of upto 200 branches of Kendriya Vidyalayas and Navodaya Vidyalays.
  • Inauguration of 50 ‘Institutions of Eminence’ by 2024.
  • “Make India a major destination for education for foreign students under Study in India programme.”
  • Establishment of Arts, Culture and Music University with a focus on fine arts.
  • Establishment of Hospitality & Tourism and Police University.

The ruling party has brought up very interesting educational initiatives alike 2014 manifesto. According to the analysis done by Scroll.in on the promises made by Modi-led gov. in 2014 for the education sector, it explains that:-

  1. 6% GDP raise was promised for education sector, but the last GDP raised according to survey was just 2.7% in 2017-18.
  2. Under ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao‘ scheme, girl students were to be provided possible help to continue and complete school education and it was fulfilled to an extent in 161 districts but with the lowest child sex ratio.

There are many instances, which prospects the accomplishments and the failures of the promises made in 2014. It is to look forward that, who comes in the power this year and whom will the students look through the eyes of hope in the fulfillment of their promises.


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