Hyderabad’s Mohammad Nooruddin passes 10th exam after 33 years

A Hyderabad native, Mohammad Nooruddin, has successfully passed the class 10 board exam after 33 years of consistent attempt. Mohammad, aged 51, was working hard towards his ambition of passing the 10th grade exams.

Despite 33 years of hard work and perseverance, the 51-year-old credits the covid-19 evaluation scheme for his success. The government has cancelled the exams due to coronavirus pandemic and issued orders to promote all the students.

Nooruddin couldn’t clear the English paper when he first appeared in 1987. His family situation didn’t allow him to proceed for tuition. However, he received help from his brothers and sisters. Nooruddin wanted to pass his 10th grade as he applied for a security guard post, which demanded 10th pass outs.

Though he managed to find job in related stream and fed his four children, he wanted to pass the exam. Hence was trying hard for 33 consecutive years. He cleared other exams with pass percentage of 40% and above, but he couldn’t clear the English paper.

His family members including his father who is 90 years old was happy with his result. Nooruddin wanted to be a police officer but he couldn’t achieve his dream as he was unable to clear the exam.

However, he plans to secure a post in lower-division in the government sector, where there is no age bar. He further plans to study more and secure a degree.

He said that “I will continue my studies and will complete my graduation and post-graduation too. I want a job. An educated man is respected everywhere.”

Article insights

  • 51-year-old Mohammad Nooruddin has successfully passed the 10th grade after trying for 33 consecutive years
  • He was promoted on the basis of evaluation scheme adopted by the government due to covid.
  • He was trying hard to pass the exam as the security guard post demanded a 10th pass out.
  • He further plans to study more and secure a degree


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